Apple Vs. Microsoft In TWO Pictures

Oh, I’d planned a series of these. But then I found The Two.

The two pictures that say it all!

The symbolism!

Mac OS X: The OS For Manly Men!

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17 Comments on “Apple Vs. Microsoft In TWO Pictures”

  1. cineasta81 Says:


  2. Alan Smith Says:

    Steve Jobs: “You, yes, I mean you!”

    Steve Balmer: “Why, uh, uh, yes this is how much Microsoft gives value to its customers.”

  3. Mathue Says:

    Wow, Balmer has more fuzz on the back of his neck than I do ;)

  4. Blad_Rnr Says:

    No response necessary.

  5. Bracco Says:

    I just fell off my chair…

  6. hoozamonkee Says:

    Jobs: rare use of highly focused RDF rays.

    Ballmer: invisible triple-cheezbrger, or how he ate a whole ham at once

  7. JBD Says:

    Apple to MS: we’re out to Fuck You

  8. JamesM Says:

    There are no words…

  9. Pietro Says:

    Looks like the other commenters missed the sexual innuendo implied by the juxtaposition of these two images.

  10. mikecane Says:

    @ Pietro: J&D got some of it. It’s just accidental that other Comments didn’t appear during the course of the day. I had to be away from the blog.

  11. kevicosuave Says:

    Jobs: …and that one likes Linux, and that one has Zune. Who let all this riff-raff into the room? There’s one using Vista, and that’s just a bot…If I had my waaaaay, I’d have all of you shot!

    Balmer: Ok, ok, I admit it…Vista Sucks! How much? Well, let me demonstrate.

  12. jeremy Says:

    some like to pitch and others to catch. hehehe

  13. ex2bot Says:

    Jobs: You! You’re fired!

  14. JackMehof Says:

    LOLZ apple is for gay people. there was these 5 gay guys in starbucks and they all had apple macbooks and all the straight guys had windows laptops lolz. and mac is a burger from mcdonalds that makes you fat.

  15. mikecane Says:

    I expect no less from Microsoft fanboiz. Thanks for not disappointing.

    And oh, those gay guys? They were probably in Starbucks relaxing from their ginormous-pay jobs. While those Windows assholes were probably sucking up free WiFi looking for jobs.

  16. VaughnSC Says:

    Props to Mike for the fanboi smackdown; spot-on!

    ah, and to Kevicosuave for the Pink Floyd reference!

    and SteveJ definitely has that Magnolia/Tom Cruise/”Respect the C*ck” zeal gleaming in his eyes, LOL!

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