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More evidence in the Siegel case against DC, dating from 1938 – 1947. Here’s a peach, from exhibit B, which shows use of that most dependable and passive-aggressive classic, time-honored and revered by bullies, pimps, and producers of neither talent nor vision everywhere, in any industry, since time began: don’t forget, we made you, we helped, and so now you owe us everything forever.

He’s talking about how Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster were screwed and screwed and screwed and screwed for decades and decades and decades by those slimeballs we all funded with our pennies as kids: DC Comics.

Siegel and Shuster happened to create something you might have heard of. It’s called Superman.

Why the hell do any of you get upset when I say repeatedly: Fuck the Suits! You don’t need them! You don’t want them! The electronic future belongs to writers, not to the gonifs who only know how to expertly cut crooked deals.

Anyone who signs a book contract today is just asking for poverty five years from now. They will tie your balls so tight in evil option clauses that you’ll consider suicide! What? You really think you’ll be able to afford a lawsuit to break free?!

Get out of your contracts!

Break their fingers to release your electronic rights!

Get their teeth out of your neck!

Their future will be as beggars, pleading with you for a limited license to produce a printed souvenir of your electronic work.

— via Warren Ellis

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