Do NOT Waste Someone’s Attention!

JA Konrath, who is no slouch when it comes to the profession of writing, produced a fucking horror of a book trailer (turn down your sound!!). Which caused me to Comment:

Wow. I guess I’m the only one to say That Sucked Hugely.

No really. There are enough dumbass things on video services without adding that to them.

If you expect that to generate any sales, forget it. That’d DISSUADE me from giving you money because you just annoyed the shit out of me. And if that’s what you do when given the chance to have my attention with video, it makes me wonder what you’d do in print to waste my time too.

I just deleted a first-time novelist from my MySpace Friends because *daily* he sent out the same damned Bulletin. It was a daily beg-a-thon for his freakin book. Which I now will never buy and he is someone I will never write about.

Christ, I’ve seen bad book trailers. I even pointed one out in this blog.

But at least those trailers were making an honest — though shitty — effort.

There are over a billion things on the Internet calling for everyone’s attention. This makes getting someone’s attention a very, very rare and hence a valuable thing.

When someone gives you their attention, don’t be an asshole!

You won’t get a second chance!

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