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My 10 Favorite Moments from 26 Stories

I was given a rather astounding present by my sister. She took the 26 Stories project and printed it up as a hardcover book complete with “blurbs” from my family. I find this stunning on two fronts. First…it was just so cool to hold this project in my hands as a book. And second, it’s that easy to make a book nowadays. Sometime soon I’ll be looking into this process myself with the intention of packaging the stories on this website into a printed bound book to be made available to the general public. Because there’s nothing like a book.

Think about that. And think about who just said it. I continue to look for fiction online and I have come across a number of authors with various amounts of their work available online, but as of right now and to the best of my knowledge I have more story length fiction available on the Internet than any other author in the world (I’m notoriously awful at research, so, again, this is to the best of my current knowledge). My commitment to the Internet is pretty huge. And I’m the one telling you that there’s nothing like a book.

Emphasis added by me.

You poor souls.

The Mike Cane Paper Addiction Centers (aka Mike Cane’s PAC — so bring $$$!) will be springing up all over the universe to break heal you of this perverted paper fetishism.

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