Writer Matthew St. Amand

In the Neighborhood

Throughout the summer, for reasons I can neither guess nor discern, every weekend night is punctuated by fireworks. Sometimes it’s just the anemic pop of neighborhood fireworks going off just after sundown for some kid’s birthday. Other times, though, they are the full-on artillery barrage fireworks sounding in the distance; the din of thousands of dollars per explosion. Sometimes leaves me wondering what I’ll find of the city Monday morning.

That should entice you to go read the rest!

And if not that, then you must read: Genocide Games — Beijing Time Machine

* Next best performance in the swimming events was the German swimmer who completed two laps before his body completely dissolved in the free-floating sewage the Chinese call “water.”

* In the diving competition, the fourth place finish was a Japanese diver who managed two dives before her skeleton was entirely unsheathed from her flesh by the hard water of the swimming pool.

Go on. You know you want to read them both!

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