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Ouch! Matthew Miller Pokes iPhone 3G!

August 11, 2008

Congratulations Apple, you made the iPhone less stable than Windows Mobile

As a person who enjoys trying out and using lots of 3rd party applications on my mobile devices I expected issues with some applications because not all developers are created equal and Apple doesn’t seem to be performing much of any kind of actual review in letting applications appear on the iPhone App store.

It’s beginning to make me wonder what actually goes on behind the scenes.

Still, none of these issues would prevent personally me from buying an iPhone 3G.

It still offers more than anything else out there.

Jean-Louis Gassée Has A Newsletter

August 11, 2008

And it is very interesting too. I learned a term I’d never heard before: Launchpad Chicken.

It’s clever, but only tells half the story.

Prior to the Challenger disaster, there were engineers and scientists who were forthright about the dangers of launching under the conditions of that day.

The launch went ahead anyway.

Is there such a term as Launchpad Asshole?

R.I.P. My Sony CLIE S320

August 11, 2008

No, the battery will not hold much a charge anymore.

Besides which, the Graffiti area feels all strange to me after the LifeDrive.

Ah, you can’t go home again.

Why did I even try? (Because I must!)

Previously here:

Damn The LifeDrive

This Made Me Snort

August 11, 2008

A Good Man…er…Blog is Hard to Find

If you have a Blog and it has your Book cover, your author/business name, and all the other things that you use to promote your books, it is a professional Blog.

If the Blog title indicates that this is a rant Blog and you are using it to speak your mind and let the world know what you think about every little thing, then consider it personal.

I strongly discourage you from combining the two. Why you ask? Simple. Personal preference. If you are Jewish and you are angry about something that the Catholic church has done to a friend and you vent your disgust of the church, you are alienating every single Catholic reader who might have read your cozy mystery that has nothing to do with religion.

She gives other examples, but this is the Pill of Death for me:

I’m not telling you to be Pollyanna, but I am suggesting that you not be the type of person who no one wants to know or care about.

Well, who would those people happen to be?

Most likely the people I despise to begin with!

Readers are sensitive and they deserve to be treated with respect. Pushing your angst off onto them isn’t the best way to do that.

In two words: Fuck that!

I’m not looking for sensssssitive readers. The world is being sent hellbent into a sewer because of sensssssitivity. Sensssssitive is a coward’s cloak for absolving the onrush of shit.

My blog is mine. You are free to make yours into something virtually indistinguishable from one put up by a Suit. And if you do, don’t expect me to be interested in your books! You can go ahead and count on sales from that portion of the potential audience. I won’t have that lot smearing their eyes across my words (and should they happen to, let them have to rush to the medicine cabinet for an application of eye drops to assuage their pain!).

Her advice would lead to books just as bland as the blogs she would like to see.

One item she cites is immediately relevant to a prominent writer:

If you are homophobic and you complain about gays kissing in public, you will alienate every single gay person who loves to read fantasy novels just like yours!

Orson Scott Card has recently published a very long column about how he opposes gay marriage. In fact, it seems he has a great deal of problems with the very idea of homosexuality.

I hold a thoroughly opposite stance to his.

Does this make him any less of a writer in my eyes? Am I going to stop buying his books because of what he believes?

In four words: Grow the fuck up!

What this blog posting of hers advocates is a prissy schoolmarmish Adhere To My Personal Checklist view of life that I find totally disgusting and arguably anti-human.

I detest drug use. Some of the best writers have flaunted their drug use: Charles Baudelaire and Philip K. Dick, to just name two off the top of my fevered head. Should I stop reading them because — oh my god! — some child might get a hold of their biographies and get the idea that, “Hey, they did drugs, so it must be OK for me too?”

In four words again: Grow the fuck up!

I despise drunks. Should I hold that against the works of Edgar Allan Poe and Charles Bukowski?

Must I repeat the four words of advice?

Without attribution, let me give all of you a peek into the kind of eejit she would have writers turn into. I keep this passage in my LifeDrive under this title: Idiot’s idea of writers:

In June of 1996, in a letter to a friend about the literary life, in which she quoted Yeats, Robert Louis Stevenson and the *Pogo* cartoon strip, [she] wrote, “I just believe that inside every great poet and elegant thinker there dwells a Winnie the Pooh who must have A Little Something at about four o’clock. Poetry and philosophy aside, enlightened folk recognize each other through shared universal values — a reliable Swiss Army knife, Hunny, songs beside a driftwood fire, a cuddly stuffed animal for sleeping with and a well-shaped dry martini.

Aw, isn’t that just so cute that it makes you want to rush to vomit?!

What the fuck kind of writer is that?!

Not one I’d read. Not one likely to have anything to say, either!

The blog post I’m pointing to is by a publisher.

More evidence for writers to stay the fuck away from them!

Note To Self: How To Reboot Brain

August 11, 2008

BEEF! It’s beef that does it!

Two slices of luscious, delicious, mouth-watering roast beef!


Which will also now set about to kill me (and all of us!).

What the hell.

We’ll all die anyway.

Life is full of trapdoors.

First-Time Author Article Is Suspect

August 11, 2008

I’ve just sent this email to

I noted this article yesterday —

First time author, 93, saves friends from care homes with book advance

and posted about it in my blog —

First-Time Writer Winner (And Loser!)

A Commenter wondered how this was possible. Because, you see, AuthorHouse is a *self-publishing* company. Self-publishers do *not* offer book advances.

As far as my research tells me, there is only *one* AuthorHouse, and it is indeed self-publishing.

AuthorHouse press release

AuthorHouse UK

I would appreciate it if you could provide clarification of this article.

I should have known all of it was too damned good to be true.

I have a suspicion we’ve been had by some slick PR agency.

The last laugh is ours, however: We were unable to buy the book on an impulse!

Blog Notes: Brain Dead

August 11, 2008

Didn’t have enough caffeine on hand to float my brain out of a muscle-relaxant fog this morning.

Brain is all flippity-floppity.

Don’t expect much today.

Unless I get it to reboot.

Ed Colligan Has Last Laugh? Saves Palm?

August 11, 2008


Wait a minute … where the hell is the keypad?!!?

Several people have stated this screen of an alleged Centro 2 shows Windows Mobile. I don’t see that, but I’m not a WinMob expert.

— via JK on the Run who saw it at Palm Addicts