First-Time Author Article Is Suspect

I’ve just sent this email to

I noted this article yesterday —

First time author, 93, saves friends from care homes with book advance

and posted about it in my blog —

First-Time Writer Winner (And Loser!)

A Commenter wondered how this was possible. Because, you see, AuthorHouse is a *self-publishing* company. Self-publishers do *not* offer book advances.

As far as my research tells me, there is only *one* AuthorHouse, and it is indeed self-publishing.

AuthorHouse press release

AuthorHouse UK

I would appreciate it if you could provide clarification of this article.

I should have known all of it was too damned good to be true.

I have a suspicion we’ve been had by some slick PR agency.

The last laugh is ours, however: We were unable to buy the book on an impulse!

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One Comment on “First-Time Author Article Is Suspect”

  1. Cliff Burns Says:

    Ah, well, so we fall victim to the “Barnum Effect”…yup, if something seems too good to be true, send it to a tabloid…

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