The Non-Evolving View Of Print Publishers

The Evolving Experience Expectation of Customers

Now, when we think of a comparable breakthrough moment for the reading experience, many wonder if it happened 7 months ago with the release of the Kindle, but I would argue it really happened just under 700 years ago with our friend, Mr. Movable Type, Gutenberg, himself.

Think about it. Since then, the experience of reading has changed very little. They come in all shapes and sizes. Mobility isn’t much of a problem. And as those traditionalists always say, I like books because you can curl up with them in bed, or read them in the bath.

So, I guess the point I’m trying to make is, unlike the music business the relationship customers have with the printed book is still quite strong and have been meeting the experience expectation for hundreds of years. And I don’t say this because I’m overly sentimental traditionalist. But I do think it’s an important time to remind ourselves that the printed book still provides an excellent user experience. And this is a real strength that only enhances our position in a digital age.

Oh dear god.

Bezos is right: You’re All Doomed!

If the best you can come up with is tradition, “mobility” (wtf?), and that refuge of dinosaur reactionaries, “you can curl up with them in bed,” then yes, baby, You Are Doomed.

Traditions change. Ask anyone who has the Torah, Bible, or Koran in e form if they’d like to give it up to go back to p.

Mobility. Are you serious?! I can carry a library in a pocket. A full freakin library. Let me see you do that with print. And if you happen to live in a flood zone, or brush fire zone, or earthquake zone, good luck grabbing that ginormous library of print and fleeing! Even if I happen to lose an e-reader, chances are the books are waiting in the Cloud ready to reincarnate themselves with a simple re-download. Your wet, burnt, or crushed tomes? Sayonara, baby!

You can curl up with them in bed. What stops you from doing that with e? Or do you actually read until you pass out and awake in the morning to find you’ve crumpled all the pages of your precious p edition? And, hey, guess what? There’s an entire generation already curling up with e — their cellphones, txting thru the nite!

You are doomed on your current course. Get that through your dull Suit heads! Iceberg Apple is going to gut your industry just like that fatal collection of hard water did to that “unsinkable” ship once called Titanic!

These oblivious pep-talk cheerleaders for a doomed industry always crack me up.

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