I Am Internationally Persecuted!

Yesterday, Chippy of UMPC Portal and jkk of jkkmobile had a live video chat. In which a planned 30-minute podcast became 44 minutes. The aftershow went on for hours.

It commenced with innocence. Chippy showing his MSI Wind clone, the Medion Akoya:

Click = big

But then jkk goaded him to taunt me with it!

And then jkk got downright evil:

He put the dreaded N-word logo in front of the camera! And then both of them took a bladder break and put the logo in stereo!

Click = big

And if you think it was all my imagination, look at the close-up:

Imagine having to stare at that for ninety-minutes (OK, it seemed that way!).

Then they brought in an accomplice: Thoughtfix! He started waving N-products at me!!

Click = big

Enlarge that to see my suffering in the chat room!

Will I ever be free to walk the digital landscape unmolested?!

What ungodly agents of Finland are waiting for me?!!?

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