I Have No Idea

I’m in trouble now!

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6 Comments on “I Have No Idea”

  1. DAVID! Says:

    Oh you have no idea how double freaky that is for me. I need to go for a lie down now.

  2. mikecane Says:

    So you had the op after all. You look all nice and curvy now. But I hear you still have to shave. Damn science!! You think we still had barbers and leeches!

  3. selftappingscrewkit Says:

    OMGZZ !!!


    damn im in trouble !!

    infact wonder what my mum has to say its her body !! hahahahah

  4. selftappingscrewkit Says:

    check what Mr Lame says aswell, he was the one going on about ohhh i wish i was going to NY..

    take him to NY and he moans !! hahahahahah

  5. mikecane Says:

    It’s your Mom?!!? You cheat! I thought it was YOU! So it’s a Momford then?

  6. Its my mum yeah

    some of them were me !!

    but like hello as im gonna stand about NY with a mask on my face !!

    come on !!

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