OK, Wait. W-H-AAAAA-T?!

The Platform is the Message

With a 73″ HDTV from Mitsubishi down to about $2200 bucks


Is that true?

I’ve paid no attention to any TV prices for, ummmmmm, like years.

At the Samsung Experience in NYC, they have a ginormous flatscreen plasma that looks like it came off the starship Enterprise, and I was told it couldn’t be had except by throwing six-figure sums of money at them for a custom corporate install.

And now he’s saying something that’s over six feet diagonal is $2,200?!!?

I’m surprised, but not urged to look.

That’s because every HDTV set I’ve seen has sucked to my eyes. They’ve been like looking at a flatscreen computer monitor with the pixels correspondingly enlarged. Color hasn’t been as good as CRT, either. The few exceptions to this rule have been a handful of plasma sets — and that lethal Samsung wallscreen.

TV to me has come to be … uhhhh … ahem, getting the video, then legalizing it via later DVD purchase. I can’t watch TV and freeze it to take a screensnap to plop in this blog. And I have no desire to have a glandularly-ill TV screen with teeny speakers. And I don’t want the Big Sound of a home theater system.

If I have to stare at pixels, let them be the proper size. And give me a video stream I can do something with.

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One Comment on “OK, Wait. W-H-AAAAA-T?!”

  1. McCunt Says:

    What’s so surprising about that, you moron? Gas is too expensive and you think you’ll get a TV for free? War costs, man. You can’t have everything for free. What did you do for your country?

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