So Who Wrote This Then?

I went to The Independent (UK) website specifically to read this:

And there’s something wrong.

No byline.

Huh? What?

I went there because a specific person — a specific writer person — wrote this. And he’s not getting credit!

Yet if I pop his name into their Search field, I get the first in the series:

And it has his byline.

Christopher Fowler.

Now you would think that if you hire a specific writer for something, you’d be doing so because people who like that writer’s work would come and have a look. And therefore you would make sure the writer’s name is on his work!

Especially when that writer mentions it on his blog!

England is falling apart day by day.

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5 Comments on “So Who Wrote This Then?”

  1. Christopher Says:

    It’s not cricket!!

  2. Suzi Feay Says:

    I’m the editor of that page. Chris’s byline was accidentally dropped from his column due to a problem with the template. He was, however, credited on the contents page. I’ve had a word with the website people to make sure it’s bylined there too.

    The column is planned to continue with full credit to Chris. No insult was intended to him or his fine work. Can’t help thinking the ‘England is falling apart’ conclusion is a hysterical response to an unfortunate oversight.

  3. Going to England was an eye-opening experience for me. ‘Britain Forever!’ was my opinion prior to arrival.

    Inside of a month I had been informed that England was no longer what it had once claimed to be, and even then it wasn’t as good as it purported. Additionally, this point was proven on a regular basis.

    Individually, people there are friendly, generous to a fault, and welcoming. On an institutional or service-related basis, the place is a source of uselessness personified. The contrast between those two realities is stunning.

    Christopher Fowler, however, is one of the brightest shining lights upon that Sceptred Isle, that Green Cathedral, that New Jerusalem, that Cradle of Culture, that Birthplace of Literature, that Culturing Cauldron of Ales, that…

  4. […] his original post, he pointed out Christopher Fowler’s lack of by-line on the Independent’s site where it […]

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