The Day On The Net Began Like This

And then there was some Red Alert action too:

By the way, that link in the cjscrisis tweet leads to something called Twittearth. It gives a 3D globe with these horrifyingly-cute creatures apparently roaming the earth, twittering away as they plan their conquest. This is a small cropped and composited view:

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2 Comments on “The Day On The Net Began Like This”

  1. What an honorable mention indeed sir.
    Very well done and the best of British to you, your concubine and your concubine’s 2nd cousin Jeff who has just been admitted to hospital with an inflated bladder due to an incident involving a spanner, warm sausage rolls, a picture of Lenny Henry pinching Terry Christian’s bottom and two VHS copies of ‘Dead Man On Campus’. Get Well soon Jeff.
    What a classic flourish.

  2. mikecane Says:

    So, how’d me mum taste? Probably like chicken.

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