Writer Terry Pratchett Has Alzheimer’s

Pratchett criticises drugs ruling
Author Terry Pratchett has criticised a decision to limit the drug Aricept through the NHS to people in the later stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

He told the BBC’s Panorama programme the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence’s ruling “feels like an insult” and needs a rethink.

Nice decided the drug was not cost-effective in the early stages.

Pratchett, who has sold 55 million books worldwide, has PCA, a rare early-onset form of the disease.

He was diagnosed with PCA, which affects the back of the brain and therefore vision and motor skills, in December 2007.

I didn’t know this.

Sticking my nose in, I wonder if he’s also on a cholesterol-lowering medication?

If he is, he should ditch it and see if there’s improvement.

Good luck, Terry.

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