Smart Car Gets American Love

Daimler’s Smart Car Hits Cruising Speed

Suddenly, Smart sales are soaring, even in the U.S., where the brand has been available since January. Smart USA has sold more than 14,000 cars in the U.S.—about double what Daimler expected—and there is a yearlong waiting list. Worldwide, Smart sales are up 57% this year, to 81,300 vehicles, and Daimler has added shifts at its factory in Hambach, France.


Status-conscious buyers now fear that an SUV brands them as contributors to global warming who help prop up petro-dictators. Drivers these days ask themselves, “Do you need to consume two liters of gas to buy one liter of milk?” says Anders Sundt Jensen, head of the Smart brand at Daimler.

Emphasis added by me.

Die, SUV, die!!

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