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Two eBook Posts By Writer Gary Gibson

August 19, 2008

One was picked up by The Suits at the digitalist, but I’ll link below to the originating blog, White Screen of Death.

Why I Bought A Sony Reader — I love posts like these — particularly by writers — because they often express opinions outside of those passed around like used coins on tech and book sites. One of them is this:

I still can’t quite get my head around the notion of reading a book and not being able to put it on my bookshelf.

And I will continue to harp on this issue, quoting everyone who also mentions it; it is my eHammer:

When I first moved out of home and into a flat with friends lo, so many years ago, there were two things that caused me the greatest difficulty when it came to the physical process of moving. A collection of nearly a thousand vinyl lp’s, and almost as many books, went with me. They had to be stored, they had to be visible, and I sure as hell wasn’t going to leave them behind. They felt like they were part of me. And yet every time I wanted to move to a different flat – and I moved around quite a lot over the next several years – I had to drag this vast tonnage of plastic and paper with me every single time.

This I also loved:

I find myself irritated by the sniffiness of certain critics who can afford the luxury of sufficient living space they can afford to decorate their walls with thousands of books. I hope the e-reader gets into the hands of all the people who love reading but simply don’t have the room for all the books they want, who, like me, don’t have the luxury of a well-appointed library in their tiny flats.

Ah, it reminds me of those lines of dialog from Dennis Potter‘s The Singing Detective, young Philip dreaming about a better future:

I be going to have *books*. All over the — on shelves, mind. I be going to have a *shelf just for books*.

Yeah. Well, at one time I had those shelves. Now they’re boxes. And I want only what matters: the glorious words.

Also, the very notion of display shelves of books is part of that dying print culture.

And the post that was picked up by The Suits: short fiction in the age of the ebook

To my surprise, I’m reading more short fiction since I got the Sony Reader than I have in years, mainly because of two factors; short pieces make for a nice occasional break from a full-length work, and I’ve found quite a lot of sf anthologies for sale online at quite a bit less than they’d cost me if I bought physical copies of them from a bookshop. The same goes for some novels as well. This is a bit ironic, since I recently commented on a article that I didn’t read short fiction any more because I couldn’t find anything to read.

It’s a post I’d recommend to Warren Ellis, who is keeping on eye on those dying nasty-paper digests.

One other point about short fiction: Sony has a ton of them up at their ebookstore.

Sony’s gotten good press here. I’d suggest they get the Reader into the hands of more writers. I’d suggest, in no order, John Straley, Christopher Fowler, Victor Gischler, Nathan Singer, Cliff Burns, Matthew St. Amand, and Tito Perdue (all are in my bookmarks). (Unless they’ve already admitted defeat to Apple.)

Norm Cowie: Free Book Excerpts

August 19, 2008

This is from The Adventures of Guy

The thought was, What is that?

The ‘that’ I was trying to identify was something we had not heard in the three years of rooming together.


Not only silence, but a huge silence. One of those silences so huge that it had its own echo. I was hearing silence, and then its echo. Silence squared.

A shiver went down my back.

Then it came back up my back.

It took a turn or two around my chest, and my nipples hardened from fear, anxiety, surprise, and some unexplained emotion I’d rather not explore.

That’s just a brief bit I can quote easily.

The real funny action is at the beginning of the excerpt. I laughed and laughed!

He also has a posting at The Life of a Publisher: Wish I was funny!

Quote: Roissy

August 19, 2008

Dear God! This is so hot it left my eyes blistering!!

The Incredible Pull Of Alpha Males

You don’t like that I say this? It gets your panties in a wad? Fuck you and your misplaced empathy. Fuck you and your phonyfuck indignation. Especially fuck you and your happy sappy shifting morality hands across humanity meek shall inherit the karmic magical moral comeuppance excuse mongering rationalizing hypocritical there but for the grace of no one but myself go I virtue on the cheap fantasyland pissant pawn of your selfish gene replicating cog in the bloodsoaked gears of the amoral universal machine bullshit. Stare into the gaping maw of the id monster motherfuckers because I am rubbing your face in its hot stinking breath.

Read the rest for the context.

He is correct.

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Quote: Nikki Finke

August 19, 2008

TOLDJA! Older TV Writers & ICM Reach $4.5M Settlement; But Lawsuits Still Pending Against Much Of Hollywood

Wow, the agents are now the older writers’ bitches. What a great day for Hollywood.

Good for the writers!

The Laugh For August 19, 2008

August 19, 2008

But they’re both pig meat, right? What’s the difference?

Get that mind out of the gutter.

It’s a Mommy Story.

And very funny!

Twittersnipes: August 19, 2008

August 19, 2008

The Print Dinosaurs Will Starve To Death

August 19, 2008

Go on. Tell me how you to intend to survive while your sales outlets drop dead all around you!

The major publishing houses are in New York City.

Have they noticed the big closings by Barnes & Noble?

Coliseum Books?

The bookstores have become ghost towns.

And while you clutch your pearls and fret about the future, you are starving your writers of sales!

You are at Morton’s Fork!

Wake up!

Quote: Ashley Sanders

August 19, 2008

Pay attention to these words:

I would like to know what movement has ever succeeded because people sit quiet and wait for Washington politicians to pull a rabbit out of a hat.

All you people — especially all you smug I’m-A-Man men — you’re being shown up by a young girl!

Why I Support Nader – Ashley Sanders

Ashley Sanders speaks out about 2008 Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader. Filmed in Salt Lake City, UT on July 31, 2008 by Bryan Young.

The last two minutes or so are particularly stirring.

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Beatings From God

August 19, 2008

Or is that for God?

Bentley bends

Mr. Bentley claims that God uses him as an instrument to heal the sick. He demonstrated this capacity at one Outpouring meeting by taking a run at a professed cancer patient and planting a knee hard into the man’s gut. The man fell to the floor, grimacing.

At another meeting, Mr. Bentley laughed about kicking a woman in the face in order to help deliver God’s healing touch. He spoke of his encounters with angels and prophets. He waved letters in front of his audiences, claiming they were written by relatives of people declared dead. Their dead kin had risen, he explained, after being exposed to his sermons, via GodTV broadcasts.

Emphasis added by me.

At last count, Mr. Bentley had been used by God to resurrect 20 people — verifications still to come.

Emphasis added by me.


People will apparently believe anything!

Maybe my next blog should be Mike Cane’s Nasty-Ass Kick Yo Ugly Sinner’s Face Church. Deliverance Daily With A Punch And A Kick!

Forgiveness: $100.00 offering
Extreme Forgiveness: $1,000.00 offering (hey, getting the sinning shit kicked out of you ain’t cheap, pal!)

I should start recruiting nuns right now! Want to be a Bene Gesserit, ladies?

But mine will be a Blonde Bene Gesserit. In white Go-Go boots!

Reference: Manga Scans

August 19, 2008

One Manga: the home of manga …

These scans are apparently from Japan. I have no problem with that since it’s been established in my mind that when it comes to protecting American Copyright, we can go fuck ourselves in Japan.