Norm Cowie: Free Book Excerpts

This is from The Adventures of Guy

The thought was, What is that?

The ‘that’ I was trying to identify was something we had not heard in the three years of rooming together.


Not only silence, but a huge silence. One of those silences so huge that it had its own echo. I was hearing silence, and then its echo. Silence squared.

A shiver went down my back.

Then it came back up my back.

It took a turn or two around my chest, and my nipples hardened from fear, anxiety, surprise, and some unexplained emotion I’d rather not explore.

That’s just a brief bit I can quote easily.

The real funny action is at the beginning of the excerpt. I laughed and laughed!

He also has a posting at The Life of a Publisher: Wish I was funny!

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One Comment on “Norm Cowie: Free Book Excerpts”

  1. Norm Cowie Says:

    Hey, Mike,
    It’s obvious that you don’t mince words … you call it like you see it … and, um, some other stuff.
    So I’m totally flattered that you wrote great stuff about “The Adventures of Guy … written by a guy (probably).”
    Thanks for the pub!

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