Exit Sherlock Holmes

This the Prologue to Exit Sherlock Holmes by Robert Lee Hall. A wonderful bit of writing.

London has changed; the world has changed. Hansom cabs no longer rattle through the rain, nor does the sea-coal flame upon the hearth in the sitting room at Baker Street, where once I was privileged to take my well-won ease with the best and wisest man whom I have ever known.

These are my thoughts as I sit, propped up by two great pillows in bed in my third-floor room at Bart’s, looking down upon the snarled traffic on Little Britain where it curves to become King Edward Street. Double-decker red omnibuses spew their exhaust into the air, as do the black boxlike taxicabs and other motorcars that have replaced horse-drawn vehicles on London’s thoroughfares. As my old friend predicted it would, the world has changed indeed.

It is 1930.

[Copyright © 1977 by Robert Lee Hall]

Another bit from my LifeDrive.

Robert Lee Hall’s status at The eBook Test blog

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