Hey, Apple! I Warned You About iPhone 3G Lawsuits!

August 20, 2008: Apple hit with class-action lawsuit over iPhone 3G flakiness

We all knew it was coming, it was just a matter of time. A lawsuit has been filed against Apple over what the plaintiff is referring to as the “Defective iPhone 3G,” which she hopes will become a class-action complaint.

July 19, 2008: What’s Happened To YouTube On iPhone 3G?!!?

If this is the new shape of YouTube on iPhone, Apple has just opened itself up to getting sued by Attorneys General all across this country. You can’t go around showing crystal clear video in TV ads as an example of YouTube and then substitute it with that crap! That’s clear bait and switch as well as misrepresentation and outright fraud.

Oh, there’s been a great deal of wailing over the performance of the iPhone 3G.

This is exactly why I never, ever buy early.

I think most of these things will be sorted out and that this lawsuit will fail.

But I did see lawsuits coming.

Some people just don’t have any patience.

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One Comment on “Hey, Apple! I Warned You About iPhone 3G Lawsuits!”

  1. Constable Odo Says:

    You’d figure the woman might just ask for an exchange iPhone first and if that didn’t help, just ask for her money back. I guess a person can’t make a nice profit from doing it the easy way. They just have to try to take Apple to court. I hope the judge or whoever is in charge throws out the case. I don’t think any lives were lost or anyone personally was harmed. I wonder if Nutrisystem is liable to be sued if the person on the plan doesn’t lose as much weight as they expected to. I hope Apple’s share price isn’t terribly affected by this nonsense. I really don’t care to see the stock down another $5 tomorrow.

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