Writer Ken Bruen: Fall 2008


I wonder how authentic it will seem to me? When he writes about Ireland, I can feel it. But he lives in Ireland, so how to tackle NYC? Yes, he’s lived here, but that was a loooong time ago. It’s difficult to write about the subtle bits of a place you don’t reside in.

Thanks for the non-head’s up, St. Martin’s. You lot could join the 21st century, get on the Net, see who’s written about Bruen and — here’s a fantastic and shocking thought! — email them to see if they’d like to be kept abreast of new releases! Yeah, imagine that! Getting help from people who like writers to sell their books. How crazy is that?

And then you wonder why I hope you’re all wiped out!

See Ken Bruen’s eBook status at The eBook Test blog.

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— screensnapped and reformatted all to hell from galleycat

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