DigitalLife Expo NYC 2008: Dead!

I just blogged about this eight days ago and was looking forward to it!

Now …

— via Gear Diary (whose Judie Lipsett claims to read my blog but if she did she would have noticed my first post and you know like kinda emailed me about this?)

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6 Comments on “DigitalLife Expo NYC 2008: Dead!”

  1. geardiary Says:

    I have over 1K items backlogged in my RSS feed. Sorry hon, but your posts are in there. :-/

  2. mikecane Says:

    You have to throw them away after 24 hrs. They get moldy!

  3. geardiary Says:

    So I’ve learned! ;-)

  4. mikecane Says:

    I should NEVER leave you an opening! Will I ever learn?!!?

  5. geardiary Says:

    Old dog…new tricks? Need I say more? :lol:

  6. mikecane Says:

    Just stay away from my fleas. I’ve grown attached to them. Or is that the other way around?

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