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They Don’t Write These Anymore

August 24, 2008

That was too hilarious not to steal!

More very, very strange — and funny — gay paperback covers at Gay on the Range! (Really, that’s the frikkin name! And it’s the name of one of the books too!)

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Writer Stieg Larsson

August 24, 2008

Nobel a likely no-no for Sweden’s king of crime fiction

The Swedish Academy, which awards the Nobel Prize in Literature, has not yet asked my opinion. But when they do, I’ll advise the distinguished committee that the world’s most prestigious literary award for 2008 should go to Stieg Larsson.

It is remotely possible that they won’t heed my advice. For starters, they’d have to take the highly unusual measure of awarding it posthumously. The Swedish author died of a heart attack in 2004, aged 50, shortly before his Millennium Trilogy became a worldwide phenomenon.

Reviewers throw around epithets such as “masterpiece,” “the total detective novel” and “a major literary work.” The French translator compared Millennium to Balzac’s Human Comedy. In Denmark, the first volume has outsold all other books bar the Bible. Will Larsson catch up with God? It’s not out of the question.

The hype is justified. I opened the first book, “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,” and did not come up for air for 500 pages. Career tip: Do not start reading on Sunday night. Before you know it the clock says 7 a.m. and you realize with shock that you are going to arrive late for your 8 a.m. meeting unshowered and with bloodshot eyes.

Emphasis added by me.

This is for crime fiction?!

I must read this. I hadn’t heard of any of this until now.

Jesus Saves, But Satan Collects Interest!

August 24, 2008

The God Of Money

[A]n associate pastor of a Presbyterian church declared that God is a Capitalist.

The Precog Blog: Part Three Is Up!

August 24, 2008

Too many typos, but I liked it.

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Hell Winter Gets Closer, Faster!

August 24, 2008

There is no direct link, just this general one, but this is from the story.

Up North may see patchy frost tonight

Here’s some news you probably hoped you wouldn’t hear for another four months.

The National Weather Service says areas of northeast Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin could see patchy frost this weekend. That’s right, patchy frost in August.

The weather agency says clear skies could allow temperatures to dip into the low to mid-30s late tonight into early Monday.

A meteorlogist poo-poos it, saying they had 20s at this time in 2004.

Don’t believe him. Hell Winter is coming!

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iPhone Comic Book Reading Site!

August 24, 2008

Whoa! I never expected something like this! iPhone Comic Book Reader

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Bryant & May To Continue!!

August 24, 2008

Bryant & May is a fantastic detective series from the superb writer Christopher Fowler (whose work I’ve been interested in since the 1980s).

The sixth book in the time-interleaving and -interlocking series was to be the end. After The Victoria Vanishes, no more.

Cue my spirit being crushed!

But today Christopher Fowler has announced there will be a seventh book:

Well, the sixth and final book came out in the UK, the votes are in, the publishers have put their heads together, I’ve thought about it carefully and now it’s official.

Bryant & May are going on.

It’ll be called Bryant & May On The Loose.

Cue my spirit being revived!

Here in America, all the Bryant & May series will be re-released in trade paperbacks. Unfortunately, I dislike the covers:

Even the hardcover for the sixth is getting that (mal)treatment:

(This one was supposed to be out in July. The publisher’s website now says October! No wonder I couldn’t find it in stores!)

Really, someone needs to be flogged for those appalling covers!

Anyway, all the rest of you now have to run out and snatch up the five books to be prepared for the sixth and seventh!

And yes, they are (and will be) in e (waiting for #6).

See Christopher Fowler’s eBook status at The eBook Test blog.

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I Watch & Tweet The Rick Warren Obama-McCain Thing

August 24, 2008

It wasn’t until Steve Salerno mentioned it that I even knew there was some sort of (un)debate that happened with Obama and McCain.

I had no interest in seeing it because Nader has my vote.

But then I posted about Peggy Noonan’s column today in the Wall Street Journal and that whetted my appetite. She really made it sound like a freakout.

So I had to see it and I’m sure all in violation of the DMCA, it was up to view without ad breaks on YouTube.

I will not embed it here.

I watched all of it and subjected everyone on Twitter to a running scathing commentary on it.

And oh, at the end, I embed a YouTube of a scandal.

Click to read the ton of tweets

Peggy Noonan: A Brilliant Column

August 24, 2008

They’re Paying Attention Now

The Rick Warren debate mattered. Why? It took place at exactly the moment America was starting to pay attention. This is what it looked like by the end of the night: Mr. McCain, normal. Mr. Obama, not normal.

I didn’t see the debate.

But to look “not normal” against Insane McCain is really a trick to pull off.

I’ll have to see if this is available online. I do love me a good freak show every so often.

So let’s Review:

1) I will vote for Nader
2) Obama will lose on his own
3) Crybaby America-hating Democrats will blame Nader again
4) Obama will become a TV talk show host

There. What other bits of reality can I put in order for you lot?

Photo Album: Sunday, August 24, 2008

August 24, 2008

Photos taken today, Sunday August 24, 2008 with the Philips crapcam.

The Narrows. Ooh, cargo from China! iPhones?

Rust opposite ferry terminal pedestrian walkway.

More disgusting rust!

Manhattan cauldron. Yes, that wee thing is New York City!

You can barely see the New Jersey port container cranes.

Satan Island needs a motto. I suggest: Inspiring Suicide Daily!