I Watch & Tweet The Rick Warren Obama-McCain Thing

It wasn’t until Steve Salerno mentioned it that I even knew there was some sort of (un)debate that happened with Obama and McCain.

I had no interest in seeing it because Nader has my vote.

But then I posted about Peggy Noonan’s column today in the Wall Street Journal and that whetted my appetite. She really made it sound like a freakout.

So I had to see it and I’m sure all in violation of the DMCA, it was up to view without ad breaks on YouTube.

I will not embed it here.

I watched all of it and subjected everyone on Twitter to a running scathing commentary on it.

And oh, at the end, I embed a YouTube of a scandal.

Yep, Rick Warren is a fat bag of shit. Here’s the proof:

McCain “Cone Of Silence” @ Saddleback Church???

And then all of you wonder why I absolutely despise every televangelist and populist preacher? They’re all frauds, that’s why.

Here’s a rule of thumb for all of you: Never trust a preacher who weighs more than Jesus!

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