Reference: Presidential Candidate Skeletons

Over at SHAMblog, I’ve upset (as usual!) several people with my “I’m voting for Nader!” schtick (as usual!) and one of them posted a link to this site:

The Skeleton Closet
All the Dirt on All the Candidates for President –Since 1995– Because character DOES matter.

Oh, there’s plenty there about Ralph Nader.

And John McCain.

Very, very strangely, little about Barack Obama, which leads the site to wonder:

No one’s sure what stuff he ISN’T telling us though.

See, that’s my fundamental problem with him. He seems overtly shifty. In that Rick Warren fixed sit-down, his replicant-ness was in full swing. It’s as if the guy was running Presidential Program A and simply outputting the text files from it. He seems inhuman. And that lack of depth isn’t a lack of depth, I think. I see it as a very clever shielding mechanism to deflect interest from him. I also think he doesn’t measure up to the Presidency (well, what the Presidency should be). Lastly, I think he’s hiding essential parts of his temperament from us and I think he’s one of those people who epitomizes the saying, “There’s no there, there.” I’ve encountered his type before. Beware!

You may scream in the Comments now.

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