Murderdrome: Eleven Years Old!

Update: And yet another twist. The comic was originally done in 2005! See the Comment here.

There’s another twist to the Murderdrome comic book that was banned by Apple.

A Commenter with the handle FishKill stated:

Just done a bit of poking around the net with Murderdrome, and the story isn’t a new one.

Murderdrome was originally penciled by Simon Penter back in 1997. You can see his artwork here:

So this is nothing new, just a new medium for distribution. The bloody story is over 11 years old.

And he is correct! See the 1997 2005 version here.

Previously here:

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3 Comments on “Murderdrome: Eleven Years Old!”

  1. pauljholden Says:

    Hey Mike, yup! That’s the original “Murderdrome 1997”, written before Al had become a professional writer, but NOT in 1997 – it was actually written/drawn in 2005 – the year ‘1997’ was part of the title. It appeared in a small press comic called ‘Solar Wind’ which was a spoof of the early 70s British kids sci-fi comics, “Murderdrome 1997” was supposed to be a future sports strip – written and drawn in the 1970s as an idea of what comics of the 70s thought the far off future of 1997 would look like!

    Like many pro writers, Al wanted to re-use the seed of the original story and ran it by Simon Penter who was more than happy for Al to redo the story with a different artist (me!) I drew Al’s brand new script without reference to the original artwork so it would be completely new material.

    Obviously, no-one expected the sort of press that Murderdrome has gotten (within such a short space of time) but the idea was ALWAYS going to be to link the final, finished comic back to Simon’s original – hopefully spotlighting him and bringing some more attention to this fantastic artwork.

    Hope that clears it up!

    – pj

  2. jm Says:

    Check the date you fool? You mean where it says completed 2005?

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