Google’s Chrome Browser: First Error Message!

Click = big

Yeah, baby! I knew I could break it!

I’ve cropped this window to hide the bottom number of windows because one of them is using pr0n Privacy Mode. Yeah, I’m throwing everything at Chrome, baby.

I’m not exactly pleased with the way it handles both WordPress’s TinyMCE editor and Blogger’s posting editor, however. A bit rough when it comes to selecting text.

But overall this thing is bloody fantabulicious!

I’m able to open twice the number of Tabs I’ve been able to in Firefox. These are huge sites too, like Palm Addicts and Gear Diary and Mister Snitch! Things that lately have been causing Firefox to shudder.

This post was created in Chrome, with even more Tabs open than are shown in the screensnap!

This is almost like having an entirely-new PC! Now if I could just have all the frikkin plug-ins I need from Firefox, starting with Twitterfox!

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One Comment on “Google’s Chrome Browser: First Error Message!”

  1. All anyone really needs are porn and Mister Snitch.

    Yeah the site has some strained code. Working on a new one, with coders who tell me they know what they are doing. The guy who coded it the first time, me, clearly didn’t know what he was doing.

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