I Want These Chrome Browser Plug-Ins NOW!

I’m posting this with Firefox 2.x again.

I miss Chrome soooo much.

But I can’t use it without my plug-ins! While testing it I hit a YouTube video I wanted to keep. No can do with Chrome. No plug-in for that!

This is what I need for Chrome:

1) Twitterfox
2) Grab YouTube as MP4
3) vodpod for WordPress
4) Video DownloadHelper
5) DownThemAll!
6) TinyURL Creator
7) FoxTorrent

Hmmm … I notice I’ve never used FoxTorrent and actually recently downloaded a dedicated torrent client. But still, nice to have that ability!

If I can get those seven plug-ins, it’s bye-bye to Firefox.

Oh my god … I just cannot believe how frikkin slow Fox is for me. The contrast to Chrome is just unbelievable.

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3 Comments on “I Want These Chrome Browser Plug-Ins NOW!”

  1. Sean Says:

    Any sign of an Alexa bar for chrome if I have that its bye bye firefox from me!

  2. What about something like Firebug, for those of us who are developers?

    Right now, I’d give Chrome about a 7 out of 10. And it wouldn’t be that high, except it loads so quickly.

  3. mikecane Says:

    Obviously the title of the post is clear enough: these are the plug-ins *I* need. I don’t use the two you guys cite but I’m not against devs working on getting *tons* of plug-ins going for Chrome. The more the merrier!

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