Revelation 17:1-5

UPDATE: Snopes Says Fake! Dammit, I hate you Photoshoppers, I do! This was convincing to me because her legs look like other photos I’ve seen of her legs. (Oh now all of you will tell me all those others are fakes too! Damn you!) Thanks to Dimension Skipper in the Comments. But I still apply those verses to her.

I was wrong. This is America’s terminal President.

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2 Comments on “Revelation 17:1-5”

  1. This is America’s terminal President.”

    Uh, no, it’s not

    (I’m hoping you at least suspected it was photoshop hocus-pocus. I didn’t really need Snopes to tell me.)

  2. Rick Says:

    You just changed my vote. Nobama, I am voting for her! A woman and a gun………… you can’t go wrong with that combination!

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