Sarah Palin: Book-Banning Bitch!

Mayor Palin: A Rough Record

Stein says that as mayor, Palin continued to inject religious beliefs into her policy at times. “She asked the library how she could go about banning books,” he says, because some voters thought they had inappropriate language in them. “The librarian was aghast.” The librarian, Mary Ellen Baker, couldn’t be reached for comment, but news reports from the time show that Palin had threatened to fire her for not giving “full support” to the mayor.

Emphasis added by me.

Sarah Palin’s ChristoNazis have themselves a book barbecue!

She should drop out of the race! NOW!

This gives new energy to my old post: The Urgency Of eBooks

This post has a follow-up update: Stop Sarah Palin! The Books She Wanted BANNED!

Previously here:

Revelation 17:1-5

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27 Comments on “Sarah Palin: Book-Banning Bitch!”

  1. Shimmy Says:

    “Don’t be afraid of information,” Sarah Palin said. “Healthy debate is so important, and it’s so valuable in our schools. I am a proponent of teaching both evolution and the Babylonian account of creation, ‘Marduk Creates the World from the Spoils of Battle.’”

  2. Book-banning, huh? Well, if that situation is as portrayed in the Time piece, these are far more substantive reasons to oppose Palin than the frothy ones I’ve tended to highlight on SHAMblog.

    It occurs to me that maybe Palin should’ve read a few more of “those kinds” of books. Maybe she should’ve sat down and read them with Bristol; maybe the girl wouldn’t be pregnant now, and on the verge of marrying a guy who said, right on his own MySpace page, that he doesn’t want kids.

    For the life of me, I don’t understand how female support for Palin can be as strong as it apparently is, at least so far. With the exception of the fact that she’s biologically female, she seems to be a nightmare for women’s causes. No Hillary, she.

  3. Gigi Says:

    banning books!? crazyyy

  4. Digital Dame Says:

    I must run with a different group of women. I don’t know of any who support Palin, or were swayed to McCain by this. Quite the opposite in fact. All the women I’ve talked to are offended and insulted by this crude attempt to manipulate us with someone who doesn’t seem to have a mind of her own. She’s like a good ol’ boy in a skirt.

  5. vroddrew Says:

    The first thing this woman does after winning (by a few hundred votes) the job of Mayor in a tiny Alaska town is fire the Police Chief, City Attorney, the Librarian, and City administrator and starts asking how to ban books in the library? All because they didn’t agree with her nut-job conservative “Christian” agenda. And this anti-corruption crusading “hockey mom” raises taxes to build a $15 million (suprise!) icerink for without even bothering to check if the city owned the land it was built on (they didn’t.)

    And John McCain suggests this gun-toting bimbo, with an overactive uterus is somehow “more qualified” than Barack Obama? Does even HE believe that nonsense?

    I hope the “liberal media” eats her for lunch. They won’t need to go into her whisky-tango family situation: her political career alone should be enough to convince and sentient human she ain’t qualified to be VP.

  6. jlangleydesign Says:

    I thought book banning died with the Nazis… guess not huh?

  7. kate0 Says:

    Don’t start the bonfire just yet. What Mayor Palin said may not be accurately reported. Since the librarian herself has not weighed in on the debate, perhaps we ought to see if Time’s viewpoint is (dare we say it?) somewhat biased? Most of the information comes from Palin’s political opponents, not always a reliable window into the actual motives and actions of controversial leaders. I have been a librarian and dealt with the problems of reconciling modern publishing (non-)standards, purchasing budgets, and community requests. I have read for review and consideration a number of books targeted to young adults that are highly obscene; since we can’t buy every book in the world, why waste money on items that will offend the people who pay for them?
    PS to Steve: Pauline Kael of The New Yorker famously remarked, when surprised to see Nixon elected, that “No one I know voted for him!”. Just possibly, you may not understand a whole lot about what influences women who support Palin.

  8. ncarnes Says:

    Do you have a link for this story, I would love to read it and research it for myself. I can’t seem to find it other than through a few biased blogs.

    Funny, I don’t hear this kind of outrage when people want to ban the Bible. Double standard maybe?

    I guess Library books are much worst than Obama’s associations with an unrepentant domestic terrorist who he consulted before launching into a political career, and who helped raise money for his campaign, and who served on an organizations board of directors with him, as well as gave speeches with him. Yep! That’s what America’s come to, offensive library books are a much more offensive than associations with terrorists.

    By the way, I bet Sarah read this post today, and I am sure she has heard your call for her to drop out, but she comes across as a little hard headed in that area since she took on the big wigs and their corruption in Alaska, maybe that’s why she has over an 80% approval rating in Alaska.

  9. mikecane Says:

    Hey, my link is to Time magazine, not a blog. Or didn’t you bother to click before jumping?

    Book banning has no place in America, period. And anyone who wants to lead this country has to be better than that.

  10. sol Says:

    So do you think anything should be available in a public library? Do you just think that there are no books that should be generally unavailable to children, financed by the public purse, or would you extend this to any published material?

    Should libraries subscribe to pornographic magazines since there are some readers who might enjoy the articles and can’t afford them otherwise? Should they be available to children, since parents like Sarah Palin aren’t giving their kids enough sex education? Or it is merely that you draw the line at a different point than Sarah?

  11. Jerri Says:

    Well, sadly this doesn’t surprise me. If they’re going to choose a woman, they’re going to choose one who is pretty much like a ‘pretty man’, and one who wouldn’t give a damn about our freedoms in this country. I am very offended that the GOP would pull a stunt like this, nominating a woman vp candidate just to counter the Democratic nominees. Much like a slap in the face. We’re just some ‘demographic’ apparently.

  12. PhilCambridge Says:

    “maybe that’s why she has over an 80% approval rating in Alaska.”

    Speaking of sources – what’s the source of THAT figure (other than the GOP)? And excuse the fate of the nation prioritizing here but how much should we care what Alaskans think about a governor du jour? I mean should we trust that 80 to 90 % rating (depending on the day & PR mouth) more than the surveys as if one any more or less biased than another?

    Since by definition a new governor is elected by a majority it would seem that a less than fresh survey might even fail to reflect real later relevant to performance opinions (or normalize them in an unusually low per capita non contig. state). I’ve read that her GOP ballyhooed number fell as soon as trooper-gate scandal and abuse of power started to look strong enough to end the honeymoon..who to believe

    Likewise who do we trust about these marketed at us bullet points? All this bucking corruption and pork looks like it was more of the same misdirection if scattered reports from Alaskan news papers any indication (the pork was just redirected to her choice of projects be it a mayoral pet skating rink for her kids project (not built on city property?) or federally pork funded roads to unimportant places but while critiquing colleagues for their projects. If you slightly change the earmark isn’t still pork gained now on false presentations?).

    Or what about that firing spree when 1st elected mayor (in an podunk town with a voting electorate smaller than my ole highschool)…..who to believe….who to trust with the VP keys……not like Cheney did any damage(err never-mind) ….hmmm…and the GOP’s promotion of her as a family hockey mom success story…well c’mon – isn’t that a bit of a absurd hard-sell too given what’s been learned soooo late (late indeed – set your counters folks – the election is NEAR).

    Yea, asking questions about a stranger who is potentially a chest grabber away from running not only the most important and influential countries to the world but OUR own beloved country deserves more than a little scrutiny and investigation into character, investigation into consistency, into use of power in the context of promoted relevant experiences, and must be tested for a requisite healthy dose of common sense WE find agreeable enough to endorse (or fight hard). SO far I’m not impressed by her presentation of issues like a mistake of a war in Iraq (where I have family serving 3rd & 4th tours) as being “God’s plan”1. I smell trouble ahead and aside from being the same age I find little to relate ot or respect other than SP’s sense of ego (Note to self – have a kid & become VP in same year).

    1 Source: (from the horse’s mouth)

  13. mikecane Says:

    @sol: I don’t know about your public libraries, but every single one I have been in has two areas: Children and Adult.

    >>>In August 2003, two Michigan pastors, T.D. Turner Sr. and son T.D. Turner Jr., took a stand against sorcery by burning a Harry Potter book outside their Jesus Non-Denominational Church. The younger Turner, Tommy, says that while he hadn’t read the book, the cover alone showed him it promoted wizardry, adding that Potter-related Web sites were gateways to harder stuff. The last straw came when a local girl tried to perform a magic spell. (She was unable, as far as we can tell, to turn anybody into a newt.)

    Real enlightened people, these so-called “Christians.”

  14. sol Says:

    I know that there are people with whom I would disagree strongly about what is or isn’t good or appropriate literature. I know Christians with completely opposite views about the Potter series. I don’t know how this makes some of them (or perhaps all of them, in your view) “so-called” in their Christianity in your view.

    But just so I understand, you are saying that the Children’s area of the library should be subject to some sort of censorship (though I’m guessing this should be done by political liberals and specifically with a view to thumbing the nose at anyone whose would base their values on any variety of Christianity). However, in the Adult area anything is acceptable.

    Are you therefore proposing that all libraries have some sort of means to keep all children from wandering over to the Adult section? In all of the public libraries I’ve been in – and that’s been quite a few in a number of states – children could freely wander where they wished, but could only check out books at the discretion of the librarian. After all, I was checking out books from the regular shelves of the library in the early 1970s when I was in elementary school.

    Or rather are you suggesting that anything is acceptable for children to read, as long as it isn’t actually taken out of the library? Just to make this clear, I’m not asking about the standards or views of the Pastors Turner, or anyone else you perceive to be “so-called” Christians.

  15. Jimmy Deweasel Says:

    From all of us that move our lips when reading USA Today. We welcome the guidance. Please deliver us from the evil that can creep from the pen of Satan into the written word. I just listen to Rush Limbaugh. He has distills the message to a kernel, that I can understand.
    That new demonic device, Kindle from Amazon promises to throw a monkey wrench into the works.

  16. notafreeak Says:

    What FREAKS you NUTJOBS are!
    When my Libral friend said she banned books I had to google.

    MY friend AND ALL OF YOU BLOGNUTS scar the S**T out of me!!!

    WOW get a life.

  17. mikecane Says:

    @sol: I am content to leave such things to the professionals. They are called Librarians. And they, not any politician, have the final word.

  18. ILIKESARA Says:

    Sara sure has you Osama Bin Obama Kool Aid drinkers worked up. I love your arrogance and pride because “Pride cometh before the fall.” Or something like that. Sara makes Hilary look like Hitler, and Obama is an empty suit.

  19. mikecane Says:

    @ILIKESARA: You people who drop your pants in my blog and leave a dump in Comments crack me up. It’s obvious you didn’t bother to read anything here or else you’d see I detest Obama too. Perfect Republicant behavior. Who needs facts when you have kneejerk cant — and your perverted idea of Christ — on your side?

  20. PhilCambridge Says:

    “Sara sure has you Osama Bin Obama Kool Aid drinkers worked up.”

    More proof the hypocrisy never ends….you’d think the Obama camp was jamming family values down our throats while parading the guy who knocked up an underage daughter around on stage like he’s some sort of champion of good…WHOOPS oh yea, that’s NOT the Obama fanatics – it’s the Sarah Palin reality distorted kool-aid gulpers accepting this spectacle as overly impressive (some who don’t even spell her name right she’s such an unknown/wild-card).

  21. Mark Says:

    What is the source for your list of books Palin wanted banned? I have searched all of the websites and stories about this topic and while many provide a list of books no one is able to factually tie it to Palin. Look forward to the response and additional information.

  22. mikecane Says:

    @Mark: See this:

    The list has been discredited by not her desire to remove books from a public library.

  23. Zeus Says:

    okay, now that we know who the real fascists are, ie the zealots and haters and spreaders of misinformation, it is safe to say you have entered a state of unrecoverable psychosis. Obama wants to ban a variety of books in school libraries, yes, including those related to various religions…well shouldn’t we be free to read whatever we want? Or is it REALLY we should only be free to read what the LEFT deems appropriate. While you’re at it, get back to your banning of free, untethered political speech with your nazi-like Fairness Doctrine….

  24. Zeus Says:

    Palin didn’t want any specific books banned or removed. She had received a number of letters from local voters about restricting the access of some books to kids, and so, like a mayer is supposed to do, she raised the question in open forum, and after that never sought to remove or ban any books. Unlike the hypocrites on the left who would ban anyone who challenges the divine right of Obama.

  25. RubyRu Says:

    I am currently trying to research this a bit more from several angles (Time being one, but expanding from there, too). However, ILIKESARA:

    ‘Sara makes Hilary look like Hitler, and Obama is an empty suit.’

    I invoke Godwin’s Law:


  26. Jake Says:

    The book banning story is bogus and has been proven as such. It is one thing to discuss issues and quite another to start smear campaigns to spread lies, which is EXACTLY what this story has done. Please check your sources before continuing to spread outright lies.

    This supposedly happened in 1996, which is weird, because several of the books on the so-called banned list that Palin supposedly handed over to the local librarians had yet to be published in 1996. And the book list is a copy and paste list straight off a list that has been circulating the internet for years.

    Here’s one article debunking the entire thing

    Anyway, why can’t we keep this clean and stick with issues? This kind of bs, smears and lies are rampant on both sides of the aisle and it is downright disgusting.

  27. fasteddy Says:

    There is no list of books to be banned, never was. What is being banned is the truth. The question was asked to elicit a management view & philosophy from a City Department Head who had openly supported her opponent in the election. Orwell is alive and well, in the left!

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