Stop Sarah Palin!

There. I’ve now stated it publicly.

Previously here:

Sarah Palin: Book-Banning Bitch!
Revelation 17:1-5

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7 Comments on “Stop Sarah Palin!”

  1. Gigi Says:

    she annoys the crap out of me.

  2. Jesus Don't Want Me Says:

    That smarmy, self-righteous twang really gets under my skin. Half-preacher, half-weather-girl, she is SO UNFIT to take on a presidential role.

  3. C.k. Says:

    palin is the librarian that i have always found to be so preachy and annoying. despite blocking the bridge to no-where, she has somehow ended up on a road to nowhere.

  4. john stephenson Says:

    Same voice: “For the price of a Postage Stamp a complete month’s supply of Extens!!!!”

  5. vmalin Says:

    Glad to see I’m not the only one who thinks she is FAR from qualified! Yes, Obama will get my vote after all.

  6. fasteddy Says:

    The hysteria Palin has caused the left just shows how correct McCain was to choose her as his running mate. Anyone who brings folks to examine the belief structures and the myopia of the radical left sends them into a frenzy. The closed loop insularity of their logic paths don’t allow for diversity.

  7. Chris gleed-owen Says:

    Googling “sarah palin is nice” gets 22 hits worlwide (incredible, ha ha!), whereas googling “sarah palin is scary” gets 41,800. Now that’s what i call democracy!
    Chris gleed-owen, bournemouth, UK

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