The Google Chrome Browser EULA Causes Freakout

This Post Not Made In Chrome; Google’s EULA Sucks

To paraphrase in brief, the post interprets the Google Chrome Browser EULA as meaning Google owns everything that’s sent through it.

If anyone should freakout over a clause such as that, it’d be me.

But I’m not freaking out. I understand what Google is up to here.

Google from time to time has had to defend itself against lawsuits from dinosaurs and shysters who think that the Google search engine excerpting material from a Copyrighted site equals Copyright infringement.

This is utter rubbish.

How else can a search engine function if not by providing an excerpt so users can determine if the search result is what they’re looking for?

I interpret those EULA clauses as giving Google the right to excerpt for its search engine.

Like most people, I didn’t read the EULA and saw this for the first time in the above post.

But I’m not going all apeshit. Neither should you.

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2 Comments on “The Google Chrome Browser EULA Causes Freakout”

  1. media boy Says:

    despite the rumors, i’m finding Chrome to actually be slower than Firefox; it hangs constantly for no apparent reason…

  2. mikecane Says:

    Your entire purpose for Commenting was to get your URL here.

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