The Photos NYPD Tried To Stop

Photos taken Wednesday September 2, 2008 on Satan Island with the Philips crapcam:

See the tow truck on right?

Apparently this van came loose from it …

… and rolled alllll the way down the hill …

… until it met this car …

… and did all this damage.

Now when I took this final picture, you can see the cop coming into frame at right. He actually made body contact with me and told me to “Keep walking.” A real Nazi attitude. Let me repeat: He made physical contact with me. Assault.

There are many other ways he could have handled this. But he chose to be a Nazi. So instead of these photos being all private like, here they are.

NYPD, teach your troopers how to handle the law-abiding public.

This is still America.

And if none of you like that, get the fuck out of this country!

I hate Nazis!

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One Comment on “The Photos NYPD Tried To Stop”

  1. selftappingscrewkit Says:

    omgzz !! Mike Cane !! taking on the police !!!

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