Mike Cane, Now On Enemies Lists!

Either that’s what most people think she is or I’m the only damned person on the Net to label her that and people are coming here to profile my ass.

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2 Comments on “Mike Cane, Now On Enemies Lists!”

  1. D Says:

    Found your site by searching “palin is a bitch”. Not because I’m profiling you, but because I’m profiling her. As a bitch. And I’m glad to see I’m not the only one. I’m also profiling her as an anti-American terrorist, a racist, a Nazi, a nitwit, mentally unbalanced, a fascist, an ignorant redneck, and an all-around dumb whore. However, I’m sure there are plenty of terrorists, rednecks, and dumb whores who might take offense to being compared to Sarah Palin.

    I like the blog, keep it up. Thanks for the Fahrenheit 451 YouTube link as well. I don’t think most Americans understand what is at stake in this election (let’s be honest, most Americans don’t read a whole lot of books). It’s more than just the economy at stake — it’s freedom itself. Palin is a threat to our freedom. McCain dishonors himself by choosing her as his running mate. Clearly he has chosen to put victory first and country last. I now regret every good thing I have ever said in his defense. He is no hero. He is a traitor to the American people. If McCain wins this election, the terrorists really have won.

    Oh, interesting to note that there is a link on your page to the McCain-Palin site asking for campaign contributions. Probably just a randomly generated ad as a result of having mentioned Palin so many times, but I still find it slightly ironic. Ironic that McCain has a website? Why yes, that is slightly ironic in and of itself. The link is broken, of course (unknown protocol), but if you actually go directly to the site’s homepage, you are greeted by Palin, decked out in a very Nazi-like fashion (complete with a glittery flag pin, to show Obama what TRUE patriotism looks like, apparently).

    People are oftentimes taken aback when I tell them I’m voting for Obama. “You’re going to vote for a socialist?” they exclaim incredulously. Of course, Obama’s plan hardly qualifies as true socialism, but whatever, I get the insinuation. Obviously I must be a no-good commie pinko, right? Well, sorry, but I don’t like the idea of voting for a man who only seems to comprehend the idea of war, and nothing else, and whose running mate (and likely successor, as McCain doesn’t exactly look like the picture of perfect health) seems to advocate some sort of fascist theocracy. They’ve tried to portray this election as a battle between extremes: patriotism versus terrorism, capitalism versus communism, Islam versus Christianity, etc., when the reality is that Palin is the only true extremist on either ticket.

    Poor old McCain appears to be too senile to recognize this. All he sees is some young uppity black liberal intellectual whippersnapper with no military background who now wants to take money away from the rich and give it to the poor. He sees a non-existent communist threat. His supporters are outraged that America will likely elect a “socialist” to the presidency. Oh, how quickly we forget our history. The Great Depression, and FDR’s New Deal ring a bell with anyone? Of course, if Palin has her way, nobody will EVER hear about FDR, the depression, OR the New Deal, because she’ll probably burn every book that ever makes mention of it.

    Thank God we have the internet. At least, until the NSA starts tracking us, putting us on enemy lists, prosecuting us under some vague terms of the Patriot Act, and shipping us off to Guantanamo where we will never be heard from again.

    I’ve heard several Obama supporters say that they plan to leave the country if McCain wins. The McCain supporters say they’ll do the same if Obama wins, but there’s only one problem with that. Where in the world where they go? I can’t think of one other country on the planet that isn’t already governed under some form of socialism, and I know they’d hate that. Oh wait, there IS one place they can go to enjoy all of the wonderous benefits of a third Bush term… Iraq! They’ll get religious extremism, complete economic deregulation, a privatized military force, a budget surplus, and all the oil they could ever dream of. It would be like heaven, only a little warmer. Maybe alot warmer. But hey, I’ll bet they don’t have too many of those pesky books to worry about in Iraq. At least none that the McCain-Palin supporters would be able to read (I wonder if some of them are even capable of reading in English for that matter).

    Anyway, sorry for the rant, and my apologies for offending you if you are in fact a Republican (yes, I do believe there are some intelligent Republicans out there, but for some reason it seems only the stupid ones win major elections). I understand if you’re hesitant about voting for Obama (I’m not, but I understand the skepticism) — as long as you realize the true danger that Sarah Palin poses to this country’s future if McCain wins. If Obama’s “socialist” policies don’t work, they can always be changed or dropped once he is out of office. But I think Palin intends to change the very structure of government in this country — even so far as perhaps altering the Constitution or Bill of Rights themselves. There was a time when I would say “no president has that authority,” but after Bush, I’m not so sure. There’s no telling what she might be able to do when armed with executive authority… talk about an evil empire. I shudder at the thought.

    Thanks again for the “enlightening” links that shed some much-needed light on Palin’s “Dark Age,” modern crusader philosophies.

  2. mikecane Says:

    >>>Oh, interesting to note that there is a link on your page to the McCain-Palin site asking for campaign contributions. Probably just a randomly generated ad as a result of having mentioned Palin so many times, but I still find it slightly ironic.

    WordPress has the option of inserting ads. This blog has no ads on its own.

    If Obama is a “socialist,” WTF are they calling the Fed and Treasury interfering in this “free” market so much?

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