Welcome, Anti-Americans!

Stop the ACLU website post.

That is all just soooo funny.

The red link is to this blog post here.

Jaysus! I’m a Leftie? Let me see:

1) Do I despise and detest the Demoncrats? Yes.
2) Do despise and detest the Republicants? Yes.
3) Do I believe in freedom of religion? Yes.
4) Do I believe in habeas corpus? Yes.
5) Do I believe in a death penalty? Yes (with full accountability only!).
6) Do I believe in the Constitution of the United States of America? Yes.
7) Do I believe in the Bill of Rights? Yes.
8) Do I believe in trial by jury? Yes.
9) Do detest and despise Rush Limbaugh? Yes.
10) Do I despise and detest Air America? Yes.
11) Do worship at feet of Castro? Fuck no!
12) Do I believe our Administration are criminals? Fuck yes! And so do they!
13) Do I believe in fair taxation? Fuck fuck yes!
14) Before Palin surfaced, who was I voting for? Ralph Nader!
15) Do I like Barack Obama? Hell no!

And where the fuck were all of you We Love America bullshit artists to support our American truckers? Go on, show me all your posts!

And speaking of journalistic standards (which, by the way, I am not a journalist, motherfucker), what the hell does Andrew Aucoin’s sexuality have to do with anything? You smug self-righteous bastards all owe your very lives to a gay man!

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One Comment on “Welcome, Anti-Americans!”

  1. ArrMatey Says:

    Well, you are to the left of me, but to be fair I made something of an assumption without a great deal of data when I applied the label “leftist”. That really wasn’t the point of my post. My post was about the absurdity of “the banned book list”, and to extent that I distracted from my own point, it was not the right thing to do.

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