Blog Notes: I Thought I Forgot Something …

… the frikkin Contents for the month of August!

I’ll have to do that today.

Meanwhile, my WordPress Dashboard tells me there are a whopping twenty-one Comments awaiting moderation.

I have a sick feeling these are more Righties and Lefties who want to duke it out over Sarah Palin.

I wish you cultists would get the fuck out of my blog!

It’s obvious you’re all coming here just to read Palin-related posts. And then jump from those to the conclusion that I’m an Obama-loving spawn of the Anti-Christ.

If any single one of you bothered to click on the Politics Category at the right, you’d see I hate McCain and I hate Obama and I have been advocating Ralph Nader.

Then McCain had to go choose an unqualified-for-national-office book-banner!

Book-banning is what they do in unfree countries. Not in America, McCain!

As for those twenty-one Comments, they can sit and stew.

This blog is not Daily Kos or NewsMax, dammit.

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One Comment on “Blog Notes: I Thought I Forgot Something …”

  1. Maybe you should double check the facts before posting arguments then?

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