Some Rare Gerry Anderson Videos

MrJim over at YouTube disappoints me by disallowing embedding of his videos.

He has a great collection too! I’ll have to content myself with providing the text links:

The Saturday Show – Terrahawks Special (Part One)

The Saturday Show Terrahawks special as shown on Central TV in 1984. Features an interview with Gerry Anderson & Kate Kestrel (Moya Griffiths), along with clips from Gerrys past productions & exclusive Terrahawks material made for the interview. Also includes the one & only complete showing of the SOS video.

The Saturday Show – Terrahawks Special (Part Two)
The Saturday Show – Terrahawks Special (Part Three)

Some custom footage from Terrahawks was made for this Saturday kids show. It’s painful to watch as an adult. I guess kids would have liked it at the time.

Time of Your Life – Gerry Anderson & Thunderbirds (BBC 1983)

1983 interview with Gerry Anderson, Christine Glanville & David Graham. Also featuring members from Fanderson along for support.

OK, seeing grown adults dressed up as Anderson characters just creeps me out. A bit of sadness here. Gerry Anderson mentioning a new series of Thunderbirds hopefully appearing on TVs “next year” (that would have been 1984!). 1983 is now 2008!

Phillips Auction – APF/C21 Puppets (L!VE TV 1995) Thunderbirds

Coverage of the 1995 Phillips auction, selling the various puppets & heads from Supercar, Stingray, Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Joe 90 & The Secret Service. All coming from the private collections of Sylvia Anderson, Mary Turner & John Read.

This is the controversial Sylvia Anderson puppet auction. Gerry was not at all happy about this. There’s some rare footage of Sylvia Anderson — who breaks into the voice of Lady Penelope on camera! The Lady Penelope puppet went for a whopping thirty-thousand Pounds. Who bought it? Where is it now?

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One Comment on “Some Rare Gerry Anderson Videos”

  1. RE: “Embedding vids”
    I’ve got 225+ good Pre-70s scifi with some rare
    Anderson work (making 1999) and you can embed them
    anytime you want– check it out:

    Gerry Anderson UFO series interview

    Ufo “Timelash”-

    Mark 9 Hawk in action (1999)

    Titanic alien spaceship (1999)
    “Mission of the Darians”
    Also has “Enhanced” Mark 9 scenes. An upgrade
    and Joan Collins looks great.

    There’s more Anderson-related vids in there, too.

    Check it out and feel free to embed any of
    them– let me know if it doesn’t work and
    i’ll go back fix it.

    Just make sure you have the HQ version enabled.
    Otherwise you’ll see squares sometimes.

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