Writer 2.0: Professional Editing Blog

The Blood-Red Pencil debuted recently and is a blog by multiple editors.

Professional editing will be required by every writer who intends to bypass the print dinosaurs and publish directly to eBook. This is not a step that can be skipped or given to an amateur. Editing is more than proofreading. It’s a professional skill that can both add value as well as avoid severe embarrassment.

This blog is a great and vital resource for anyone who is contemplating what would be involved in bringing a manuscript through a professional process divorced from the dying print publishing houses.

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2 Comments on “Writer 2.0: Professional Editing Blog”

  1. Helen Ginger Says:

    As one of the editors on The Blood-Red Pencil, thank you for the plug.

    Don’t care what your header and pic might suggest, you’re a cutie-patootie and such as sweetie on Twitter. (Another facade destroyed.)

  2. mikecane Says:

    You slander me! I’m a mad bastard, I am! So there.

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