J.K. Rowling Wins Lawsuit Against Fan

J.K. Rowling wins copyright claim over Harry Potter website operator

“While the lexicon, in its current state, is not a fair use of the Harry Potter works, reference works that share the lexicon’s purpose of aiding readers of literature generally should be encouraged rather than stifled,” he [U.S. District Judge Robert P. Patterson] said.

He added that he ruled in Rowling’s favor because the “Lexicon appropriates too much of Rowling’s creative work for its purposes as a reference guide.”

What I don’t understand: If she didn’t sue the website, why sue when it was going to be simply printed on paper?

It seems to me she now has the right to ask for the website to be abolished too.

Well, it went before a judge and the ruling is in.



Warner Bros & J.K. Rowling Win Legal Round Against “Harry Potter Rip-Off”

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3 Comments on “J.K. Rowling Wins Lawsuit Against Fan”

  1. SKFK Says:

    Actually, I think the website and the book were going to be quite different. My understanding is that, while the website contains a lot of original analysis that comments on the Rowling’s work, the book was going to be just an index of Harry Potter stuff that’s quoted straight from Rowling’s books without any of the original comments found on the website. In other words, the book was going to be entirely made up of Rowling’s words, only arranged in a different order.

  2. JK rowling looks frigid i think

  3. mikecane Says:

    I don’t think J.K. is a very happy person.

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