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John Scalzi For The Win

September 9, 2008

A Previous Message Repeated, Slightly More Forcefully

An absolute must-read for those who obsess over this election.

Nikki Finke Knows The Apple-NBC Score

September 9, 2008

Zucker Cries Uncle! Zucker Claims Victory! No Matter NBC Shows Are Back On iTunes

Even so, Zucker couldn’t leave well enough alone. He had to go on his lapdog CNBC and claim victory for getting variable pricing while at the same time admitting that the shows must be available on as many platforms as possible. (“Short term pain for long term gain,” his mouthpiece kept repeating to me just now.)

ARGGGGH!!! How do I kill this goddammed Internet?!!?

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NOW I Will Moderate the Comments

September 9, 2008

The world pushes you, and politics begins when you push back.
— Jay Diamond

Movie Tagline Too Close To The Truth!

September 9, 2008

Photo taken Sunday, September 7, 2008 on Rich Bastard Manhattan Island with the Philips crapcam.

How P.R. Warps The Truth

September 9, 2008

KFC shoring up security for secret recipe

Sanders developed the formula in 1940 at his tiny restaurant in southeastern Kentucky and used it to launch the KFC chain in the early 1950s.

Sanders died in 1980, but his likeness is still central to KFC’s marketing.

“The recipe to him, in later years, was everything he stood for,” said Shirley Topmiller, his personal secretary for about 12 years.

Here is revealed one of my great regrets in life: Not recalling the name of the book I read back in the 1970s in which Colonel Sanders was profiled along with other entrepreneurs. The Colonel swore like a drill sergeant. In the book he declared he hated what was done to his recipe to turn it into a mass product.

Ah, if anyone knows what the title of that book is, you’d be doing me a great favor letting me know!

Quote: Jay Diamond

September 9, 2008

From an email:

I aver that all times are political. Everything is politics. Escaping it is equivalent to trying to escape people.

The world pushes you, and politics begins when you push back.

Unless you don’t. Unless you just let yourself get shoved around.

Objecting to politics is objecting to self defense.

Emphasis added by me.

Quote: John Robb

September 9, 2008

JOURNAL: Why Community Resilience?

As you watch the global financial system continue to unravel this fall, think hard what it will take to prevent rampant state failure in a chaotic global market system that has already weakened (privatized, hollowed out, and bankrupted) nation-states across the entire landscape.

That from an absolutely mind-boggling blog called Global Guerrillas. This is really some scary stuff.

— via Warren Elllis

Confirmed: New Sony Reader October 2008!

September 9, 2008

CNet Crave reports: Sony Reader event October 2: New product coming?

There’s a graphic of an invite there which seems to dramatize wireless capability for the Reader: words are swirling out and around a Reader being held.

Just last week I posted: Rumor: New Sony Reader + Mac OS Software? in which I passed on a rumor of a wireless Reader appearing in November.

Now it seems to be arriving a month earlier! (Although actual availability might still be November. We all know how tech companies like to announce things before shipments begin.)

Could this be due to Apple having an iPod Touchbook to introduce in October?

The eBook market is getting exciting!

— via TeleRead and MobileRead

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