Jay Diamond Smacks Down Peter King!

This is so good, I don’t want to louse it up with the blockquote that italicizes text and makes lengthy items difficult to read. Read it all for a Grade-A education on American political reality!

Quoting begins:

Dear Peter,

As somebody who has spoken to you on the radio in the past I was frustrated by Chris Matthews’ failure to challenge your empty and deceptive boilerplate (a too polite term) in the matter of public health insurance.

As you unburdened yourself with the standard GOP bullshit about “government bureaucrats” being put in charge of healthcare, Matthews correctly confronted you with a polite demand for you to explain what you meant. You hastily retreated to a wind storm of comically panicked subject changing from which Matthews never recovered, enabling you to escape for the millionth time from even this minor scrutiny of your transparent (to a person of normal intelligence) and utterly immoral disinformation.

Specifically: In asserting by deliberate indirection that the choice confronting Americans is one between “government bureaucrats” directing medical decisions as opposed to citizens making medical decisions for themselves, you are being deliberately false.

No one except an individual who is paying cash for medical treatment is in control of their own medical decision making. The true and real choice is one between an accountable public official within the bounds of written law administering medical decisions as opposed to an agent of a private insurance business, accountable to his or her boss and profit seeking shareholders with a specific private money interest in denying medical treatment!

You know this.

And yet on national television you made believe (and tried to trick your fellow Americans into believing) that the choice confronting citizens in the matter of medical insurance and treatment is one between a “government bureaucrat” controlling such decision making as opposed to the individual citizen making that decision for themselves.

So tell me, Pete…..If you are so concerned about the well being and medical independence of the American people, and if you interpret medical decision making by “government bureaucrats” to be a threat to their welfare and medical independence, then why are you not now, nor have you EVER, demanded in the interest of this supposed medical independence, the immediate termination of Medicare, which is, as I am sure you are aware, a program of public medical insurance for more than 60 million Americans over the age of 65 as well as disabled Americans?!

Might as well call for the abolition of the Veterans’ Administration while you’re at it. After all, I know from just now having seen you on television how worried you are lest these 70 millions of your fellow citizens that you love so much might be forced to succumb for many more years to the torments of these “government bureaucrats” of Medicare and the VA!

Yes, that’s it, Pete…..go on TV now and tell your constituents and all the American people including the veterans, that you are going to remove this yoke of “government bureaucrats” from their medical decision making and turn it over to the loving ministrations of the private insurance business and their employees and shareholders.

Go on TV tomorrow and tell the American people (and their adult children) to start shopping in the magical marketplace for a comprehensive health insurance policy equivalent to the coverage of Medicare and the VA.

Why aren’t you doing that, Pete?!

What’s stopping you?

Of course you appreciate my indignant sarcasm in all of this. The pity is you don’t give a shit. And the reason you don’t give a shit is because there is absolutely no price for you to ever pay (in this world) for all the misery, and damage, and heartaches, and grieving, and agony, that you have sustained and encouraged by the brutality of your wilful and relentless deceptions in the cause of your myopic and shallow, and not so hidden agenda.

No doubt in this immoral hustle you are guided by our Dear Lord, rather than your political instincts or career and money self-interest.

The above is my appreciation for what you call your service to America. The kind of service a bull does to a cow.

Jay Diamond

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2 Comments on “Jay Diamond Smacks Down Peter King!”

  1. ClapSo Says:

    Wow, as good and well deserved an ass kicking as king ever got! Also, as true a thing as I have ever seen written about the health care crisis! Where did you find this?

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  2. mikecane Says:

    Jay sent me a copy.

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