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Sony Reader Launching In France!

September 12, 2008

French chain condemns exclusive Sony deal

Hachette Livre and French chain Fnac have entered into an exclusive arrangement with Sony that will allow them to sell the Sony Reader for €300 across the country from October. But the deal has been condemned by rival French chain Virgin Megastore, which claims that the move could further “hamper the development of supply for legal downloading”.

Hachette Livre declined to comment on Virgin’s protest ahead of the joint press conference to be held next Tuesday by the Sony France, Fnac and Hachette Livre chief executives, Philippe Citroën, Christophe Cuvillier and Arnaud Nourry, to announce the marketing plans for the launch of the Sony Reader in France next month.

Emphasis added by me.

England, now France. I’ve also read a rumor of Germany soon too.

Twittersnipes: September 12, 2008 (Part Two)

September 12, 2008

Twittersnipes: The “snipe” as in “sniper.” Tweets that hit me like bullets. (Or that I blast others with!)

Demo Of Stanza eBook Reader For iPhone

September 12, 2008

The originating post at TeleRead: Stanza 1.4 video—complete with display of DRMless Pan Mac ePub books.

Toward Kindle-simple purchases of nonDRMed ePub books

Like the Kindle, the iPhone can download from most locations in the States, plus countries not covered by the K machine. And the Touch does WiFi. Result? The Stanza can solve the problem of, “How do I get e-books into my machine?” Things are pretty easy now for direct downloaders of books from public domain sites like Feedbooks’ and Munsey’s, and they should become still simpler. Now just wait until Lexcycle, Stanza’s developer, does the inevitable and gets serious about capabilities for content-related e-commerce from those places or others.

Enticingly, the demo is showing two nonDRMed ePub titles from the Pan Macmillan store—Perdido Street Station and Stealing Light. Blend in Stanza’s existing capabilities with ways to pay for books on your iPhone or Touch, either through independent retailers, Pan Mac directly or Apple. Then you may see the start of a new eco system for e-books. Same for eReader in time (ideally with ePub capabilities). May Pan Mac jump in! If certain other publishers don’t want to skip anti-piracy precautions entirely, then they might consider social DRM, which still could play on a variety of machines and let you own books for real.

This is what I love about companies who listen to customers and potential customers. I just the other day asked about Stanza and using the Pan Mac DRM-free eBooks and not only got a reply in a TeleRead post, but this video is also a result of that! It clearly shows non-DRMed for-pay Pan Macmillan ePub eBooks being read on an iPhone/iPod Touch:

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The Sony Reader Rejects Defeat

September 12, 2008

If I’d stayed the hell out of the Palin mess, the Sony Reader posts would be higher-ranked. There is still much, much interest in the Sony Reader, particularly from people who use Mac OS X.

As Mac OS X users are also highly likely to also own an iPhone, it says something that they are still interested in a non-iPhone reading device.

People who thought Amazon had a lock on eBooks with that abomination called the Kindle are in for a surprise, I think.

Quote: Trip Hawkins

September 12, 2008

Trip Hawkins: Our competitors can’t make a profit

My thesis is that for the first time games will reach a billion consumers and that the biggest platform in use will be mobile phones.

I see a future for a social gaming app I’ll call, as shorthand, Let Me Kick Your Ass. It brings together people who have the same game on their phones — or who play the same phonecloud game — to compete against each other. Some day this will be turned into a global TV program. Global Gladiator? Cloud Samurai?

Twittersnipes: September 12, 2008

September 12, 2008

Twittersnipes: The “snipe” as in “sniper.” Tweets that hit me like bullets. (Or that I blast others with!)

Today’s Laugh

September 12, 2008

One of those unintentional neighboring things …

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Debut Episode Of Fox TV’s Fringe

September 12, 2008

Even though I got the “authorized” Internet leak on Sunday, I didn’t actually get around to watching it til today. Which is four days after it appeared on television.

Still, I think the world must be warned!

Hello. Welcome to Fringe. No, this is not an ad for soda!

This is important. Please engage the Auto Pilot of your brain.

From time to time, we will display …

… what we technically term …

… Big-Ass Dumbass Titles …

… some of which will look like fucking UFOs hovering over a city …

.. and will sometimes be angled to make them cool and hard to read …

… and will sometimes be positioned to make you go WTF?!!!? …

… all in order to disguise the fact we are doing …

… a third-rate rip-off of the The X-Files!

Please meet our cliches: An FBI agent too stupid to realize her lover is a turncoat who will be blown up in the first act …

… the evil twin, because, you know, there was a writer’s strike and this shit can’t be expected to be good, can it? …

.. and the oooooh mysterious world-dominating corporation because, like fuck, we did tell you to put your brain on Auto Pilot, right?

And if you ignored our advice, you probably feel like this by the end of our stupid fucking script. Sorry, Charlie, no refund on the one hour and twenty-one minutes you wasted!

If you want to see really good TV, change the channel to Spongebob.