Flashback Laugh: CrunchGear On Sony Reader

Two sentences (from a post so brief that I’d wind up grabbing all of it if I didn’t pare it down to just this!) from September 26th, 2006:

Sony Reader: Company Loses Its Mind Completely

I’m not really sure what the hell is going on here.

[T]his technology is already antiquated and redundant.


I guess it’s a good thing Amazon and Bookeen and Plastic Logic never read that. It might have, you know, kinda sorta discouraged them.

And how dare Sony not heed such expert advice! What are they thinking, expanding into England, France, Germany, and even putting out a third model just next month?

Oh settle down. I have my own clunkers like that too. I just happened to come across this one today and found it hugely funny.

My own initial reaction to the Sony Reader was to pan it, but within twenty-four hours I changed my mind and then I recanted (on my own; I wasn’t convinced by any PR flack or alleged tech expert!).

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