Agent: Synonym For Self-Interest

And by “self,” I mean the agent’s self — not yours!

Agents: Friend or Foe

Okay, so you want an agent. Okay, so you got an agent. Now what do you do. Well, it appears to me that many authors are sitting back and hoping for the best. Well, let me tell you, hope is NOT a strategy!

This may come across as more of a rant, but it is in fact a warning for you authors/writers who think that ALL agents are created equal and that they all do a good job. Not so, my friend.

An excellent post every writer should read.

Let me remind you again that your agent might be working against your best interests when it comes to eBooks.

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One Comment on “Agent: Synonym For Self-Interest”

  1. My agent is so good I don’t disclose his name. I am afraid someone famous will get ahold of him.

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