Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #205

Thousands of jobs lost, billions wiped off your savings, fears more banks may fail… How much worse will it get?

A chilling reality dawned after the fall of two of the world’s biggest banking superpowers in the most calamitous 48 hours the financial world has endured since the Wall Street Crash.

Some 4,500 Lehman workers lost their jobs in Britain amid scenes of despair at the Canary Wharf offices.

While the loss of two global financial icons was itself barely imaginable, analysts forecast that more are likely to go under in the coming weeks amid fears of a prolonged worldwide recession.

Emphasis added by me.

“Barely imaginable” — by who?! There are still top companies 1, 2, and 3! They will fall too! Why aren’t people grasping that this is terminal?

Get this:

In New York, several angry workers snatched art works from the walls in a desperate bid to get back the money from salaries they fear will never be paid.

And I would put real money that these people are the very same ones who will bleat in our ears about property rights, private property, earned profits, vote Republican, blah fucking blah. But when push comes to shove, their thievery is out in the open. It’s OK if you and I are being fucked over by them — but when it’s their turn, when justice bites their ass? No.

The Masters of the Universe are the pathetic crybabies I always knew them to be.

When you’re on the soup line — when you are on the soup line — and one of these bastards reveals himself to be there too, punch the bastard in the head, knock him out, and kick him to the gutter to starve!

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