Nearly-Free eBook: A Season For The Dead

From the Pan Macmillan cultists who claim they are Not Suits (buried somewhere in Comments — either here or at TeleRead — where I cannot find it!): Free and fabulous

It seems that we are beginning to trip over increasingly enlightened authors on the digital frontiers here at Pan Macmillan. Just as we are poised to publish the the seventh novel in David Hewson’s beguilingly atmospheric and addictive Rome series, Dante’s Numbers, David has shrewdly agreed to an experiment to give away the first of his novels featuring the popular detective, Nic Costa, as an unDRM’d ebook.

Emphasis added by me.

Usually these offers involve nothing more than hitting a link and then a second link for a Save As…

Not so here.

It’s at Scribd.

Which, if you don’t already have an account, will demand you damn well get one before you can haz free.

And once that’s done, you might not be able to do a Save As… on the PDF link (there’s also a TXT link, but what freak would want that?). Instead, you’ll have to wait for your browser to launch Adobe Acrobat in a tab. And then you can Save to disk — but first you must rename the file because it’s apparently in binary Martian.

So that’s why I call this one Nearly-Free.

And if you couldn’t already tell, it’s now on my hard drive, in my new Electronic Backlog (not to be confused with my old Endless Backlog of print).

Thanks, Non Suits at Pan Mac. I hope the Real Suits appreciate your future-forward thinking.

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2 Comments on “Nearly-Free eBook: A Season For The Dead”

  1. David Hewson Says:

    Thanks for the mention, Mike. There are two other books of mine available for free, non DRMd, at Scribd too. One is an earlier novel, Native Rites, and the second a non-fiction account of an environmental campaign I was involved in.
    You can find them both here…

    They’re under my own account so not in the same place as A Season for the Dead. I agree Scribd isn’t as easy as it might be but we’re all feeling our way in this and it seemed an easy way to get something out quickly and see the response. I guess you could just let people download a file but the Scribd interface, allowing you to browse the book online, does seem attractive. But who knows in the future?

    As to formats I have to say pdf is good for me. I guess I could put up a Word file but that spooks me frankly. People could so easily change it and then rip it around the web. So I’d have my name on a book that wasn’t as I wrote it. Why would they do that? Who knows, there are some strange people out there. Or maybe I’m just being over cautious. Like I said, it’s early days and doubtless we will be doing things very differently in a year or so.

  2. Michael B Says:

    Hi Mike,

    The Not Suit Cultists? That’s us alright…



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