Pasta&Vinegar: Things You’ve Never Seen

I haven’t been to the Pasta&Vinegar blog in a few months. It always has such very interesting things in it. Some of which are simple observations of real life.

I found these enlightening:

Attach a knob to your display

an intriguing assemblage between a touch/gestural interface and a classic laptop screen

Llamadas: mobile+human payphone

One of the most interesting service you find on the street in Peru (and I am sure you can also get it in other countries) is the “llamadas”. It’s generally women or teenagers with a bundle of mobile phones and a stop-watch who act as pay phones. They wear colorful clothes with mobile carriers brands and the “llamadas” logo (that they also shout when you pass by).

How clever!

Street typewriting in Peru: the public scribe

Another category of service you find on the street in Peru (as well as other countries) is the public scribe (in Ayaviri above and Arequipa below). Generally sat somewhere at a desk or on stairs, aided by a typewriter, he/she serve the needy illiterate to writer different things, especially administrative pieces of work.

Urban safari in modern architecture

Strange angles, fantastic cladding textures are also deeply intriguing in this night atmosphere. Lots of small details, big shapes that you discover and rediscover and stumble across a group of teenagers riding their bikes on curved shapes, old cats trying to get some food and a lost tourist sat on the beach with a laptop.

This is exciting. It’s what the future was supposed to look like when I was a kid.

Information overload in 1613
— his head would simply explode today!

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