Sony Reader At Brooklyn, NY Target Store

I had an appointment today that took me back to the neighborhood of the Target Store I’d been at a few days before I knew the Sony Reader was going to be on sale there. So I stopped in with the Philips crapcam and took some pictures:

The signage. So, only young and pretty white women read, huh? This Target Store is where young and pretty white women are a minority. So: Oopsie!

The Sony Reader itself, locked-down. Crapcam doesn’t pick up the text on the screen!

Blurry pic of the lightwedge cover.

That alligator cover and travel pouch combo.

Another shot. The color is waaay off. It’s darker and screams Suit!

The Sony Reader packaging itself.

If you squint, you can see the text on the screen.

Display also had prepaid gift cards and an AC adapter. And too many headphones!

Well, overall I was rather disappointed with it. Down the aisle was a display for a smart pen. It had a small screen with video demo. I think the Sony Reader should have had that too. As it stands now, only people who know about the Sony Reader will seek it out. This is a missed opportunity to educate people about eBooks — and about the existence and use of the Sony Reader itself. I’d upgrade these displays with video. Hell, I’d replace that signage with a big-ass LCD TV that silently shows how the Sony Reader works and a big-ass Press ME! button to run an overwhelming video/audio demo of the Sony Reader. Eat that, Amazon Kindle!

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