Sony Reader Revolution Campaign

Weirdly, clicking on a link in a French newspaper that I thought would lead to Sony France bounced me back to America’s SonyStyle site for the Sony Reader.

There I found out they’ve launched a very … sad … promotion for the Sony Reader called the Reader Revolution. (Why does this seem like it’s been done before? Has it? Did they do it before?)

This leads to a splash screen …

Click = large sadness

… where there is actually a point to this (see red underlined text):

OK, I like that sentiment. So, I did the video. And it’s not one of those things you can shunt off to the side and let run for its two minutes. No. There is interactivity:

Click = big

However, I was dumb enough to believe in a selfless act. No. Sony wants your email address in order to actually count your viewing as one-fifth of a five-view donation. So, I did that too:

Click = big

Then they wonder if you will let them spam invite four other people:

Click = big

Yeah, well, OK, it’s for The eBook Cause. So I did that too!

As it turns out, there’s more to this than just this silly retro- barfable- pathetic online campaign. There’s actually going to be something happening at some stores that sell the Sony Reader. Click here to see Upcoming Tour Dates. You can get away with just putting in a zip code and area radius for store listings (if any) and a map.

In New York City, it seems that every Borders Store will be having an event on this Saturday, September 20th, from 11:00AM to 5:00PM. Check to see if that’s the case where you live too.

Anyone who wants to see eBooks flourish: Go ahead and view the video and spam invite four friends. You — and they — can always opt-out of Sony spams emails after the first one arrives.

In the meantime, you’ll be helping to get eBooks out there where the non-Internet everyday people can encounter and maybe even use them.

Reading and eBooks: A Revolution I Can Get Behind!

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