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The Mac Vs. PC War Takes An Awful Turn

September 20, 2008

Gerry’s satnav is GO!
Gerry Anderson never needs to call on International Rescue thanks to his TomTom satnav

There I am, happily reading this recent Q&A with one of my all-time idols, Gerry Anderson (I grew up on his TV shows!), and I hit this bad bump in the road:

Mac or PC?
I’m PC all the way.


Direct Publishing Blockbuster!

September 20, 2008

Four ingredients for success

Rachael Bermingham and Kim McCosker’s cookbook 4 Ingredients has so far sold 820,000 copies, primarily in Australia and New Zealand, where it is the biggest selling book of the past year. That means one in 31 people Down Under own a copy of this book, and sales simply continue to roll along. A second book, cannily titled 4 Ingredients 2, is now also high in the charts.

Now for the part that makes it all the more sweet: 4 Ingredients was only the second book either woman had published, and they were forced to self-publish because no publisher would take it on.

Go read the article and learn.

Writer Warren Ellis Plans In Advance

September 20, 2008

I need to know:

1) Is this outside in the back garden?
2) Is that sixty in shifts (you know, like Mexicans do here)?
3) Would there be gardening involved?
4) Must we capture small animals for the ritual sacrifices?
5) This wouldn’t involve fucking saline infusions, would it?

J.K. Rowling Gets Shreeved

September 20, 2008

Writer Jimmy Lee Shreeve posts: J.K. Rowling: The perfect socialist (moralising and sanctimonious) donates £1M to Labour Party

Welfare, social housing, and the plethora of handouts, only serve to take away people’s ability to make better lives. In some sense, free Government handouts are another form of social control. It keeps the rich (like J.K. Rowling) rich, and the poor poor.

Give it a read. Short and pointed.

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The Sony Reader Revolution: Poor Planning!

September 20, 2008

I debated with myself whether or not to attend the Sony Reader Revolution event that’s supposed to be taking place at a nearby Borders today.

I double-checked the schedule and it turns out it will be repeated tomorrow (Sunday, September 21), so I have a second chance at it.

However, I made it a point this morning to pass by the Borders I intended to visit and from the outside you’d never guess they even stocked the Sony Reader. There was nothing to advertise any sort of event!

Further, I went to the website for this particular Borders and yeesh!

First, the website for that Borders:

Click = big

Now, the list of events held at that store:

Click = big

Ummm … something seems to be missing there.

Now, what could it be? Right: A notice that the frikkin Sony Reader is going to be pimped there!

In fact, on the front page of the Borders website, you’d never know:

1) That Borders has been carrying the Sony Reader for years
2) That Borders actually wants to sell the Sony Reader
3) That Borders in fact sells eBooks for the Sony Reader!

I asked once before about whether or not Borders knows it has the Sony Reader.

Someone from Borders even left a Comment that, yessiree Bob, we haz the Sony Reader.


1) Is that guy still working at Borders?
2) Who is responsible for this continued — and now epic — fuck-up?

Every misstep like this gives Jeff Bezos a Kindlegasm.

I don’t want the eBook Revolution Kindle-ized!

eBooks: A Cover Test

September 20, 2008

I’m presenting five covers here.

All of these are from eBooks currently on sale.

Can you tell:

1) Are these all from a major print publisher?
2) Are these all from a small press?
3) Which are from which (if they are)?

And, which cover would entice you to buy the eBook?

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Yet people do. I sometimes do.

And if you intend to direct publish an eBook, it’s going to need a cover. A striking cover. A cover that doesn’t say, “I did this with clip art and PhotoShop and, man, I’m no frikkin artist!”

I’ve already pointed out editing services that are available for writers who intend to direct publish.

But I don’t know of any artists — or group of artists — who specialize in eBook covers that writers will be able to license or purchase.

This is a subject I meant to bring up weeks ago. Then I find out MobileRead is debating the issue for eBooks that are created and freely distributed over there.

Start looking at book covers and studying the elements that attract you. Develop a sense of what makes a good cover. You’re going to need it!

I’ll provide the answer to these covers in Comments at some point in the future. Meanwhile, Comment!

FIRST PHOTOS! Red Sony Reader!!

September 20, 2008

There is a sequel to this post now: Red Sony Reader: REAL Pictures!

Photos taken Saturday, September 20, 2008 with the Philips crapcam.

Usually I publish photos in the order in which they were taken.

But the crapcam really did a number on the colors here, so I’m publishing the one that better represents the actual red color first:

Yeah, that’s it. It’s really a rich metallic red color. It’s matte and not shiny. It’s simply and absolutely gorgeous!

The other photos really make the red look orangey and fugly and loud, but it’s not!

In addition, the cover is padded and has a texture and a deep brown-maroon color combination. The entire thing is just so damned exciting and classy. Not vulgar, like the poor three pictures.

Sony’s done a great job here, offering this special color. I prefer it over the Silver — and especially over the light-sucking Dark Blue.

These photos were taken at J&R this morning, so run and sell out their stock. In-person price is the same as the website: $294.99.

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Red Headlines For September 20, 2008

September 20, 2008

Murdoch’s dogs try to frustrate me by going very lo-res on their cover graphic. I use it anyway:

Micro Fondle: MSI Wind At J&R

September 20, 2008

Photos taken Saturday, September 20, 2008 with the Philips crapcam.

Yes!! After waiting months and months and months, I finally encountered a real, live MSI Wind!

Since I’m probably the last frikkin person on the entire planet to do so, my observations probably don’t count for squat. Nevertheless …

At left is the hp Mini Note. The MSI Wind is just about the same size. It’s eerie. But as you can see, the MSI Wind’s screen sits higher, making the hp Mini Note look rather sad in comparison.

Left to right: hp Mini Note, MSI Wind, Asus 1000 EeePC. The MSI Wind has a glossy biohazard-inviting top cover. J&R left the plastic protector on it, but it didn’t cover the edges and the smearing was already evident. Inside and on the bottom, the plastic is matte and doesn’t do fingerprint magnetism.

Left to right: hp Mini Note, MSI Wind, Asus 1000, Sylvania ULCPC. The MSI Wind is noticeably lighter than both the boat anchor hp Mini Note and the Asus. In addition, the Asus is nearly the same width, but front to back it’s larger than the MSI Wind.

Two blur-o-licious photos of the keyboard. The thing about the keyboard that surprised me were the smaller keys for period and comma. The trackpad is responsive but seems small. The clickbar is a bit problematic. It’s thin, small, and really embedded in the top, with no overlap on the edge.

Build quality was excellent. My main test was simply typing on that keyboard, which was The Test for me. How was it? Spacing was excellent for me. After trying it, I went over to the Asus and over to the Acer Aspire One. It confirmed for me that the MSI Wind really has the best keyboard for me. Feedback is a wee bit harder than I’d like, but better than the Asus. And the spacing just killed both the Asus and the Aspire. I could really, really type on it.

If I was going to buy today, I’d get the MSI Wind. It really is what I’ve been waiting for in a netbook.

But now I’m on another wait-and-see. Next month Apple will unveil new MacBooks.

The point of the MSI Wind for me is to strip off Windows XP and replace it with Mac OS X.

But if Apple is going to unleash some lust-o-licious new aluminum-clad MacBooks next month, it only makes sense for me to wait and see what they offer and their prices. Why should I settle for shoehorning Mac OS X on an MSI Wind if I’d be able to get the real deal with no compromise and no fear of OS X updates (which might break the MSI Wind install!)?

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Photo Album: Two Hot Cars In NYC

September 20, 2008

Photos taken Saturday, September 20, 2008 with the Philips crapcam.

This morning brought me to lower Manhattan, where I stopped by the Winter Garden. Some kind of car show had been there this week and now the cars were being moved out. Two in particular caught my eye.

Look below the plate at the huge center exhaust!

I have no idea what brand names these cars are or who makes them. They’re probably expensive as all hell, especially that red two-seater, which looks like half of it is taken up by its jet engine(!) in back.

Update: Judie Lipsett of Gear Diary — who apparently knows her rich-ass cars! — tells me the second is the Bugatti Veyron.

Update: Judie Lipsett is back again with the silver one identified. Aston Martin Rapide 4-Door Coupe.