Quote: Elizabeth, On Using Windows

Why I am switching to Mac.

Being a Windows user reminds me a little bit of being chronically ill.

Yes! That sums up my ongoing Windows XP experience perfectly! Brilliant!!

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2 Comments on “Quote: Elizabeth, On Using Windows”

  1. I have used Macs since 2004, but have also installed Ubuntu 8 on my Toshiba laptop, which I still need for the odd Windows app. Ubuntu is great! Very easy to install and use. If you have a Windows machine you’ve grown out of, Linux is worth a peek.

    If you think XP is bad, try Vista …

    Windows 98 turned me off Microsoft. It kept crashing, of course, but then it would start up with a message reproving me for not having shut it down properly and telling me to mend my errant ways. I really enjoyed taking that computer to the recycling centre; only my eco-conscience saved it from the sledgehammer.

  2. mikecane Says:

    My deadly encounter with Linux on the Nokia 770 — the word “dependencies” stills make me shudder, even as I type this — did more to retard the cause of Linux that any other single recent event, I think. It will be a loooong time before I ever dare to re-encounter Linux.

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